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https://biochem.wisc.edu/sites/default/ ... 160215.pdf

In the link above, their is reference to the notable difference in MS occurrence between those who did or did not eat fish in Norway. Swank associated the prevalence with the consumption of Meat and sat fat.... this research suggests that it was the Vit d obtainable from eating fish that reduced the onset and was the reason for the stark difference in the regions.

As the understanding of how Vit D influences the immune response increases, I'm starting to question whether the Sat fat has a relevance or not. The prevalence of MS does seem to follow the western way of living, however, for the most part, the western societies are further away from the equator. Our lifestyles are that of office dwelling, TV watching people, with on average infrequent outdoor activities compared to our less developed counterparts, which are in the sunny parts of the world. The scaremongering of cancer caused by a ray of sun landing on you has caused all to cover up, run between shadows. Fashion icons use pale non sun kissed bodies on their campaigns....all of this has led to the anti sun culture which has caused the subsequent Vit D deficiencies that we are aware of.

Everyone knows that relapse rates increase after winter and the bodies storage of Vit d has been depleted.....take your supplements and you are better off.

Japan has always been highlighted as the one that bucks the trend as a population with Western lifestyles and a level of MS occurrence that is negligible. Is this due to the low consumption of meat and sat fat or the huge consumption of fish and the available Vit D that comes from this.

The good thing about the OMS lifestyle is that it has taken all possible contributors to the disease and removed them, in the hope that one of them is going to be the 'cause'.

All of the them are great for healthy living with exercise being a great neurological protective contributor.

It's looking like the inclusion of high Vit D intake may be the active ingredient in this regime.

Would really like to hear peoples objective opinions on this.
MS occurrences are growing in sunny countries as the western diet influence increases as is obesity cancers etc. The more I've read the further I moved away from western diet influence irrespective of MS.
It could have some impact but there is no where near enough vit D in fish to raise the levels if there was low levels of sun. I would suggest that the low sat. fat was more likely to impact on results.

http://nutritiondata.self.com/foods-000 ... 00000.html
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09

Thx for the reply..

Just looked at the link you posted.

What struck me was the Vit d IU in the variety of foods.

Looking through the list, it seems that anyone removing the 'unhealthy' things from their diet will replace them with many of the things on the list. The effect of which will add a few thousand IU of Vit d previously not ingested. The amount required as being the optimum benefit is still in question, but may be no higher than 4500. This level may easily reached by a have 200 g of fish + fish derivatives etc.
You can't establish the correct amount in your blood until you test and supplement and often many times before you know how your body works. Whatever amount food contributes is not worth considering because it will never be enough for us and it is naturally part of your blood level anyway. None of us would consider calculating the food contribution.

The most important thing is the blood level and getting it up quickly to prevent relapses hence testing and megadosing if appropriate.
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
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