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I am newly diagnosed just over Christmas and I'm going head first into the OMS diet as I want to try to take control in whatever way I can.

Sadly for me I cannot stand fish or seafood, although I am willing to make this change!

I am wondering if anybody here has any concerns about mercury levels when all their animal protein is coming from seafood?
Protein comes from all that you eat. If you read the holism study papers it's fish two to three times a week so a lot of your meals will be plant based. Choose small fish lower in the food chain if concerned about mercury.
The new book also covers the findings in the holism papers so it is a good read if you have a copy to understand the background.
Thanks very much for that reply it's helpful. Where do access the holism report?
The papers as they are released are in the news and research section
You might want to find the paper on fish I might have remembered the amount wrong.
You can always follow a chelation therapy
As Veg said choose fish lower in the food chain.
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