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Hi, I eat oily fish maybe twice a day some days, is that too much regarding the oil content of the diet ?
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Is in oily fish or fish in oil?

If it's oily fish it wouldn't be a problem in my diet, if it's fish in oil, I'd think it would be too much, unless it's in olive oil.
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The fish I talk about is fresh salmon and smoked salmon also smoked mackerel and canned sardines in brine and sunflower oil.
I guess I am asking can you have to much oily fish and not in supplement form ?
I'm more thinking fish twice a day is not giving much room to broaden what you eat like lentils or chickpeas etc.
I avoid eating fish like salmon more than a couple times a week (although I love it). I am more concerned about the mercury in a species that's high on the food chain. Less concerned when it comes to small fish like sardines and anchovies. Prof Jelinek mentions this on pages 123-124 of the new edition.
I have been following OMS for over 4 years now, and am trying to eat more vegetable-based meals. I began to realise that I was substituting 'meat and two veg' for 'fish and two veg'. Remember that OMS is a plant-based diet, with fish/seafood as an occasional addition.

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