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hmm.. just found an article on CNN web and thats what they say: "There's dramatic ancestry-based variation in our ability to transform ALA into EPA or DHA, according to Chilton. African-Americans transform ALA into EPA or DHA very well, Europeans not so much, and Native Americans not at all, with variability among individuals within each group." ...so how the flaxseed oil supplementation works for us Europeans? Confused:(
Love, Iness
Let's not discount ALA (or LA) yet ...

True, humans don't do a great job of synthesizing ALA into DHA and EPA, but ALA plays its own role in controlling inflammation. It's also the primary component of the Budwig protocol (for cancer), which I'm neither condoning nor condemning. I'm mentioning here simply for all of the flaxseed oil (high ALA content) references found in this link from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center: https://www.mskcc.org/cancer-care/integrative-medicine/herbs/budwig-diet-01

The first study mentioned below details an in vivo study that indicates LA inhibits T cell proliferation and activation, seemingly by upping cAMP production in MS patients. Not a cure by any means, but a helpful treatment it seems. So I wouldn't recommend writing it off our shopping lists because humans have varying abilities to synthesize it into DHA/EPA.


An article I stumbled on that references this study and many others is located here:

I can't vouch for the author's own interpretation of the studies, but am merely providing it as a single source for lots of LA-related scientific work that's available. Please look at the studies yourself (the (R) links in the article) and reach your own conclusions. Don't just take the author's word for it.
You raise a topic that I too have been pondering over, INESS. My recent reading also suggests that DHA is what our brains need, and that our bodies are only able to convert ALA into DHA when a certain set of criteria are met. So to play it safe, for the last couple of months I have been supplementing my daily dose of flaxseed oil with fish oil to ensure a body-ready source of DHA.

What Zeff has to say about the ant-inflammatory properties of ALA is interesting. As is the link forum member californiadreaming has just posted elsewhere in the forum to this conference poster:
https://www2.morressier.com/#/post-even ... ters/63943

Hopefully this discussion will continue! I will be following it with interest.
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The OMS site & forum are brilliant! Thanks, everyone! :D
Thank you for your replies. Indeed its very intriguing subject. Also I decided to take safe approach and instead of supplementing Fish Oil with Flax I've just started taking both. Moreover somehow I feel that cod fish oil would be the best option as it was proven to work in Swank's patients. Hope for more voices on the subject here.
Love, Iness
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