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Or can you truly be a vegan on this diet? If necessary, which fish in particular is absolutely necessary and exactly how much?
I think it’s ok not to if you are getting enough of the good things (that can be found in fish.)
These I believe are protein and omega3.

You would have to eat a lot of the plant based equivalent to achieve what a small amount of fish does.

The fish to Achieve obtaining the health benniefts from are Salmon, mackerel, sardines etc oily fish for their omega 3 but go easy on the tuna due to the possible mercury build up. ( I have have it just once a week. )

Other fish are great too I’d recommend for you is Snapper ( it’s less fishy than other fish )
I’m not sure we all have the same kind of fish in their country though.
( btw I bake it in the oven and like it with chutney )

Hope you can stomach trying some.
Salmon is definite one I’d try first. ( just a small amount as it’s quite rich ) goes well in wraps, with rice on crackers etc.

Others may have more to add as I’m reciting from memory I may have missed some points.

Good luck.
Hi Jul,

I've been vegan now for 6 months. I thought the fish I was picking up from my local grocery store was not of good quality (typically salmon). The salmon you typically can buy in DK shops are from big farms from Norway, where lots of antibiotics are used to keep the fish from getting deceases. These fish also have a lot less amount of Omega 3s.

However, I have been thinking about having fish occasionally if they were freshly caught. But I'm not sure yet if I would go down that path. I'm quiet satisfied with the vegan lifestyle :)

Remember vit b12 if you are going fully vegan :)
Thank you for your replies. I am getting plenty of omega 3 from ground flaxseed, chi seed and small amount of nuts. I am also taking B 12. I think I will let the fish thing go. Swank never said it was necessary and the plant based gurus from the China study do not promote fish either. Unless I buy into eating fish regularly, and I can’t see that happening, then the benefit will be occasional. Fish is too much like eating flesh for me.

Better eat oily fish like salmon
Omega 3-6-9 is really important for our body and we most often don't get enough of it from only eating oily fish. Even though I follow health blog suggestions and often eat food rich on Omega-3, the level of it was not enough when I got tested. So it's important to eat diverse food, but also take supplements if needed.
I am not an oil o phobe. I use avocado, safflower, red palmfruit (sustainable) walnut, olive. Unfiltered, and cold pressed when I can find it on a vegan diet. I use my oils sparingly. Baking, salads, pancakes, etc. All are refrigerated. bloodwork ? My NP says "fine and dandy" on all levels. Anti oil gurus can preach to another audience. I am 74. Not about to keel over from eating a peanut butter sandwich.
I'm wondering if by cooking oil you mean actual oils or whether you're referring to extracts (like vanilla, almond, etc).

If you're new to this read , They strongly advise starting out by ordering eliquid/juice from a good vendor, and save experimenting with your own homebrewed concoctions until later. When you DO get around to homebrewing your own stuff, before you even think about starting, spend at least two weeks reading the DIY forums here on ECF and learning how to do it and what you need.
Red Palmfruit oil appears to have 50% saturated fat content so would not be reccomended for people following OMS.
Avocado oli has been dicussed before and has a similar profile to Extra Virgin Olive oil so would be OK, normal Olive oil is also not good.

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