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Hi everyone,

This is my first time posting. I am still very new to all of this. I was diagnosed with MS in June this year and have since gone very hard on adopting the OMS program. I gave up meat and dairy and oils almost immediately. I have been eating a lot of seafood, mostly Salmon. However every couple of weeks (1-2 times a month) I like to eat tuna poke. I get a bowl without mayo/oils. But I hear a lot about high mercury levels in tuna. I do not know much about this and was hoping someone can elaborate on it for me. Specifically, what does mercury do to the body, does it impact the immune system, and can this harm me/make things worse?

Welcome to the forum and great that your taking an active interest in what you eat.

Mercury poisoning is not going to make your MS directly, but is very bad for you in its own right.


The particular risk for us is that we replace two meat meals a day with two fish meals a day using fish that are high in mercury. I wouldn't worry about the occasional tuna meal, but, where possible, aim for smaller fish that are lower down the food chain.
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Thank you both so much for your input! Greatly appreciated and was along the same lines of what I had thought. :)
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