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Have been following the program since early August last year and after a few months felt a huge improvement in concentration and recall, so was positive the change in diet was working. However a month later had as episode of vertigo which would not go for 4 weeks and then a month later, 2 months ago, had the
first episode of neuopathic pain in my left leg . Its crazy creeply crawly sensations under the skin and not disappearing. MS nurse suggested drugs but I
wanted to avoid and have been meditating 3 times a day, yoga 2-3 times a week, kept with the diet and supplements for the last 2 months but the pain is
now 24/7 each day and getting depressed now. Its affecting me. I have been injecting Copaxone since 2004. Any suggestions as to whether to get some
drugs or maybe eat some meat!!! Please help. Thanks
Just wondering if you have been tested for any food allergies? Just thinking that maybe you might need to cut out some other stuff in your diet like gluten or legumes if you havent already, to see if that would help with your symptoms.
That symptom of creepy crawly feeling is very weird and is definitely something you can get with MS, with or without pain.
I have had it in the past and eventually it just went, hopefully yours will too. Try not to focus on it tho as hard as that is or your imagination will drive u nuts ;)

That Neuropathic pain is a biggy and very consuming; got that T-shirt too!
That eventually went too thank goodness; mine presented abdominally and after a year of Morphine and a couple of other meds it eased and I weaned off the drugs. Now I am 95% pain free.

I found a book I got from the library very helpful and you also may get some benefit from it.

The War on Pain. Scott Fishman
This book is excellent if you are battling with pain issues.
It explains the body's reaction/over reaction to pain and looks at some interesting case studies; he explains it really well for us non-medical people.

The other suggestion is to get a referral to a pain specialist who can manage it specifically.
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
I've experienced this quite badly.

My neuro recommended magnesium which worked for me (I use the powder form daily). Also recommended Naprogesic (over the counter period pain drug) and that worked too.

I also used Dencorub which I found excellent for temporary relief.
I should add I also use Gabapentin / Neurontin which works for me (though as an anti-epilectic / anti-convulsant is not meant for MS and I'm planning to slowly withdraw its use).
Many thanks for all your responses. I did see a Consultant in Clinical Immunology and allergy in 2002 year after diagnosis and she advised me that my allergic antibody count was only 16, normal adult up to 81 and no specific allergies to wheat, milk, soya tomato etc so believe I should be okay. However I did also get Kinseology tests and Vega testing and they all said I was allergic to wheat and dairy....but believe thats probably what they tell everyone!!
I do make my own bread in machine, with organic flour and eat 1-2 slices max each day, somedays none so don't think allergies are a problem.

Regarding the drugs mentioned, I am off to see my GP shortly and see what he suggests. My MS nurse had suggests amitriptylene (sp?) which i took in 2005 and gave me chronic nightmares, felt spaced out and worse than when not taking, so will not agree to that drug but Gabapentin was also mentioned by MS nurse so may opt for a light dose of that one and see if the leg issues diminish.

Have been reading Deepak Chopras book "Reinventing the body, Resurrecting the soul " a very good read but will check out the Scott Fishman book too.
Husband gave me a big hug last night and said having been a trooper for 2 months, trying to get rid of the symptoms naturally, he agreed I should see the
doctor and get help. I guess I had believed the book by George and diet and lifestyle changes would be enough to help me. I won't give up though as I know
it was making me feel better and looking better so a BIG THANKS to you all for your positive responses.

Off for sunshine holiday tomorrow so will hope the pain gets better slowly :)
Hi James,

Can you give me some more information on the quantity of magnesium you take to get rid of this creepy crawlie sensations
in my leg. I take osteoguard supplement, a calcium and magnesium supplement from natures best as it seems to get rid
of the restless leg symptoms I used to get so wonder if the problem is I was forgetting to take .

Saw docs and they prescribed carbamazapine tables 2 x daily , and holiday a bit of a disaster as they did lower
the pain relating to the sensation in legs however make me so exhausted, sleepy and zombie like so have called docs
to ask if I can reduce them and come off them slowly.

It is not my makeup taking these drugs and want the natural solution. My yoga teacher/homeopath recommened reading
CONSCUOUS MEDICINE by Gill Edwards.....this book is so good. I have booked an EFT appointment in few
weeks and recommend it to all readers, amazone sell for £7.25 in UK

Anita :D
I take one or two teaspoons of Herbs of Gold Muscle Resuscitation Enhanced Magnesium powder daily which I order online through vitaminkings.com.au

I think one or two teaspoons of magnesium powder from most chemists / healthfood stores should be okay. It will make you go to the bathroom so much beyond the suggested dose is not realistic.

But to be exact the amount of per 6 gram serve is 120mg (as citrate) and 200mg (amino acid chelate) for a total os 320mg. The rest of the 6mg is B Vitamins and other stuff.

I would not ignore Naprogesic and Gabapentin/Neurontin as drug remedies if you are experiencing discomfort. Not sure where you live but as an over the counter option Naprogesic is an easy option (but be sure to line your stomach first) and effective for me.

Good luck:)
Thanks James

Am in the Lake District area of the UK.
I shall increase my magnesium dosage as I agreed with docs to come off the carbamazepine yesterday. So far doing fine
as yoga and meditation class this morning really helped and I have no pains at all, so will continue with holistic therapies ;-)

and the sun came out today !!

How much does it make you go to the bathroom...as I already go alot due to all of the veggies I eat.

Just wondering if you could be a little more specific with times per day??

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