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I have one more question-- regarding the state of my bladder issues.

The issues surrounding my bladder function have been serious-- physically and emotionally.

Thanks to my ability to cath myself and the daily antibiotic I have gone 6 months without a bladder infection.


My urologist would now like to me give my body a break from the antibiotic-- I am petrified.

Anybody with recurring UTIs having luck managing this??? I must add that during the two year merry go round ride-
I did everything from cranberry pills, D-Mannose, and apple cider vinegar.

Thank YOU!!!
I just got something in the mail regarding a natural supplement called Bladder Balance. Normally, I wouldnt look twice at it and throw it away, but it was developed by a urologist and all the ingredients are 100% natural. Just something to look into...maybe its just a gimmick, I dont know.
One other thing I thought of..LDN.

There are alot of people saying they have had much success with their bladder symptoms when taking LDN.
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