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So I had a phone interview Tuesday with a multinational for a good job. I could have good insurance and maybe some stability and disability insurance. But I'm afraid I'm sometimes not as smart as I used to be - or I get cog fog.

I just took an Adderall for the first time.


I feel pretty good and pretty smart. I may get some for those tough times, before a meeting, etc.

Has anyone tried stimulants? I realise it sounds irresponsible, but it might give me the confidence to push on through.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
I had a job interview with a large company yesterday. It went well and did a lot to increase my confidence. I've felt so *less than*, never knowing what was disease and what was emotions making me feel stupid, fragile and unclear in my mind.

I know some of you out there still have important jobs. It's all part of the new life to see how much stress is proper for me to be activated, but not decimated.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.

The research shows that resistance training (i.e., lifting weights) helps increase cognitive abilities in those with MS. So does getting regular exercise. If you are worried about cog fog, please remeber to get enough exercise.

I think career is a careful balancing act just like exercise and everything else. I was lucky in some respects (unlucky in others) that I was diagnosed when I'd gone back to uni to study a PhD - lucky because at my lowest point my working hours were very flexible and the academics were very supportive - unlucky because I then had to find a job during a serious recession when the jobs were scarce and the labour market was highly competitive (pretty stressful!) so all I could get in my field was a temporary contract - still hunting, although some permanent contracts have just opened up with my current employer, so (probably along with all the other temporary staff!) I'll be trying for one of those.
Good luck with it, Alex. Hope you get good news about the outcome of that interview. I'm sure you'll do fine, as long as you can juggle things to fit in enough exercise, enough rest and enough creativity.
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