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I just got laboratory reports back (blood, serum, urine, coughed up slime) from an independent lab in Norway that does tests that are normally not done by "the esablishment" (the establishment does not believe in the relevance of systemic yeast/fungus and other opportunitic infections for chronic dieseases like ours) and the results are quite clear...

- I have bacteria and yeast/fungus infections in places where they cause various health problems and should be taken out with medication
- The bacteria include tick-born bacteria, most likely babesi or bartonella
- Candida albicans is all over

The bacteria seem to be killed off in the lab tests by Ciprofloxacin, while Fluconazol or Itraconazol will take out the yeast/fungus...

To avoid negative side effects of the suggested treatment, it is recommended that I
- take well-suited probiotics during and a while after treatment
- drink lots of water to flush out waste products and killed-off organisms
- possibly add certain herbs to aid the flushing out ( I will researtch that some more)
- possibly take medication against uric acid crystals which can lead to arthritis, as the killed off cells contain building blocks of uric acid

In the decades-long experience of this guy, he has seen astonishing health improvements in many many people who have had their yeast/fungus infections treated, while he has never yet seen anyone recover without treating it...

this seems 100% in line with Ann Boroch's tale, and it makes me want to emphasize my impression that every case of MS is unique, and just as Ann Boroch has not found the one, true story, neither has Swank nor Wahls, nor whoever... there is no one-size-fits-all, we need to follow various threads to find the solution for our individual case...

I hope to keep learning from other people on this network who have checked out this route...

does anyone have the experience that this problem can be solved without the medication, through diet and colonics only?

best regards to everyone,