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I had my first relapse this Easter.
I have seen Dr John Parratt twice.
He diagnosed my relapsing remitting MS in April 2013.
He is highly regarded on MS.
Although he seems aware of OMS, Dr Parratt sees me continuing Tysabri indefinitely (with regular JVC checks).
I hope to provide him with evidence of the benefits of lifestyle medicine.
I expect at least 3 years before I can start to see improvements.

I had some questions:

*Does anyone, or has anyone else seen Dr Parratt?

*Does anyone know any neurologists in Sydney that are supportive of OMS?

Hi Michael,

I am seeing Dr Parratt, however I am even newer than you. I was diagnosed by a general neurologist who has referred me to Dr Parratt, although I have only seen him once thus far. I have my next appointment on Friday.

I was only diagnosed in July 2013 and I found OMS in Aug and have followed the diet since.

I have not yet been put on any medication as I'm waiting to see him again.

I too would be interested to know if there are any MS neurologists who follow OMS.

MS July 2013, OMS August 2013
I haven't seen Dr Parratt, but I have seen Dr Todd Hardy, an MS Specialist at Concord. Highly regarded, and very respectful, listened, and gave me lots of time, and weighed pros and cons of several drugs. He also wanted to push Tysabri, but I said a definite no to that, as I know someone who developed PML. But no knowledge or mention of OMS, he did seem to have heard of Prof Jelinek, but no further mention.

Interesting that Parratt would suggest Tysabri, considered one of the last line drugs for people who are having a particularly aggressive course of the disease. The risk of PML with Tysabri rises sharply after 2 years on it.

I have not yet found anyone respond on this forum with a neurologist who is OMS friendly in Sydney, and I have been watching out for this. It is a bit sad, and I will be interested to see if anyone posts a more positive answer. It seems that we must look after ourselves with regard to OMS, covering all aspects ourselves, and hope that we can show our improvements of the evidence of lifestyle medicine. Hopefully we will get to point where a neurologist is unnecessary and we will just see our GPs!

Diagnosis Apr 2010, Coeliac Nov 2010. Procrastinated a bit. Fully OMS Sept 2011.
I'm not in Sidney but I also have seen an MS neuro this year who was pushing Tysabri even though I am not on any drug therapy at this point ( in Canada, Tysabri is only approved as a second line drug options if the first line drugs don't work...)

My current neuro is not against OMS, but he would like to see " more rigorous research performed to prove that diet and lifestyle are effective". I am going to show him that OMS is a critical component of MS treatment.
How many extra years to the years of evidence based research that already exists are needed...shheeee makes you wonder really.
Seventeen years according to Rebecca Hoovers latest blog on Blog Central - don't know about you, but I can't wait that long!
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... al/?p=1101

Diagnosis Dec 1998 OMS Feb 2010 Retreat Feb 2012
Hi Michael,

I saw Dr John Parrott for the first time on Friday actually.
He was referred to me by my usual neurologist of 9 years to obtain a 2nd opinion.
I think he's despairing of my non compliance to his drug recommendations.
They both have strongly prescribed tysabri infusions as I have new and active lesions in my brain and spinal cord.
Whilst I have tested negative to the JC virus,I am still very apprehensive about the tysabri side effects.
I have enormous respect for both of the Dr's I have seen,(Dr Parrott took so much time and attention looking at my MRI's and really was so patient with all my questions and concerns)
I'm afraid that neither Dr was at all interested in my dietary and lifestyle changes in regard to OMS.
I too am somewhat confused and don't quite know what to do for the best.
I definitely feel better when I'm eating like a 'fish eating vegan' but sadly my MRI are yet to reflect this as I have only been eating this way for a few months...
As I'm 41yrs old and have had the disease for almost 10 years,Dr Parrott has suggested some urgency in my situation,as he believes that now is my 'window of opportunity' with regards to drug action,because after around 15 years,no drug will have any effect on damage caused by lesions...

Best wishes to you,and I hope this is a tiny bit helpful.

Lyndall H.
Hello all, especially Lyndal.
I am sorry to have let so much appear after my question without replying.
It is excellent to hear so much — we have to be our own best guardians.
Here is an email my partner and I received from Keryn about my health and sodium balance- we did not make the Gawler conference in the end.

From: Keryn Taylor
Subject: Re: Overcoming MS Retreat 2013
Date: 6 October 2013 3:10:58 PM AEDT
To: Tim Lamble

Hi Tim and Michael

Thank you for your emails, I was really touched reading Michael's toastmaster speech. I certainly learnt a lot from it as well.

I'm really sorry for not replying sooner to your question about Michael's bipolar diagnosis. Your email unfortunately arrived at a time when I was moving house and then I was also travelling home to New Zealand. So I'm sorry it got "misfiled"! I had asked George about it and he said he had replied to you some weeks ago so I hope his answer was helpful (and less tardy than mine). I certainly agree with him though. Michael, I think your diagnosis sounds extremely likely to be a misdiagnosis and caused by steroids. The literature on MS and Bipolar is sadly lacking and reviews of statistics are questionable in terms of accounting for the impact of medications.

You are both certainly on the right track with your approach to health. It was clear to me during the retreat how ahead you both were in terms of so many aspects of the OMS program.

I look forward to hearing your news in the future and hope that you both have a great time at the Gawler Conference.

Best wishes
-Ongoing difficulties kept me from the conference.
On 15/09/2013, at 11:37 AM, Tim Lamble wrote:

Michael and I are doing well and following George's plan closely. The diet is causing no problems, and Michael is having fun in the kitchen. Tofu curry is our current favourite, as is the cocoa-avocado mouse. If there is a bit of trouble, it's finding everything: The Vitamin D caps., and flaxseed oil are no problems, though the tofu is variable.

We also have a little variability in the consistency of the soy yoghurt.

Meditation has been part of our lives for some years, so we just continue on that.

Michael is devouring Caroline Myss's books (recommended by George). Not being religious we have to allow the references to deities and not throw out the baby (content) with the bathwater.

Michael has just given his third speech to the local Toastmasters club. His subject was about the effect of classical music on his health after his first MS event earlier this year. The president gave Michael the president's 'best speech' for the night. A couple of people were very touched, and his evaluator had to compose herself before she could speak.

Although I didn't want Michael to see or feel an invalid, he has just been granted the government invalid pension. That will help financially until things stabilise.

There has been a number of opportunities to talk about George's plan to a number of people who have relatives or friends with MS. The plan deserves continued publicity.

I will post more tomorrow.

Stay healthy,
Email addresses deleted Wendy:Moderator
I am one of Dr Parratt's relatively new patients. I was diagnosed in June 2014 and fortunately found OMS quickly and went to the Retreat at Gawler last spring. I have just had my second lot of MRIs, so now have a comparison, and so will go and see Dr Parratt (who I like) to discuss the results. I'm not on medication at the moment, and have been good at the diet, supplements, and meditation, tho still find visualisations difficult. I gave him a copy of the OMS book when I last saw him.
I wonder how any of you have found his attitude to OMS more recently?
I have been seeing John Parratt since June 2013.

I find him an excellent doctor, willing to answer questions, and explain if we aren't sure what he means.

I am grateful to him- last year I had a mysterious, non-MS, endocrine problem.

He wasted no time in getting me in for expert assessment, and various specialists collaborated to stabilise
and investigate it.

I have mentioned George a couple of times to John, but we didn't discuss George's work or the book in detail.

He did say that he saw the OMS diet as beneficial for many peoples health, not just people with acute or chronic illnesses.

He has me on Tysabri infusions, and they seem to be of value, but I have not yet broached the subject of changing
to an alternative medication. We are vigilant about JCV.
John will take me off Tysabri, or choose another medication as soon as that is of value. OMS says medication is a personal
issue, some PWMS need more, others on the program achieve better health with little or none.

I think John is rightly renowned as an MS neurologist, caring, patient, good-humoured as well as experienced and competent.

I am happy you gave him the book, Ant.
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