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As with all experiments in mice with EAE, any similar treatment for humans with MS is a long way off, but these initial preliminary results are looking great: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/scien ... 80741.html

Stem cells are very exciting as they offer hope for repairing existing damage instead of just preventing new damage - but of course there may be side effects, with cancers a particular concern.
Very exciting indeed. Gives hope for the future :)
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Hi catriona,

I have a patient who is currently undergoing treatment for her progressive MS at the Cleveland Clinic here at the US (you can read more about it here: http://www.cleveland.com/healthfit/inde ... d_key.html) using the stem cell therapy.

I spoke to my neurologist about this therapy but she told me this is not yet a viable option for people who are stabilized on medications, and is really only an option for patients with progressive MS, although they think that the sooner you have a stem-cell transplant the better (ie. early stages of your disease). Unfortunately once you have the stem cells implanted you are required to take anti-rejection medications for the rest of your life which can lead to an increased risk for infection.

But yes, this is an incredible area of research and very exciting! I hope that one day it can be extended to other MS patients without the need for anti-rejection medications.


PS: The patient is doing fantastic!
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Below is a link on what is available in Arizona USA currently. I've been told that it is the one of the most dynamic courses of actions. They harvest stem cells from a person own fat.

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