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I'm wrestling with the thought of Disease Modifying Drugs, from what I read, The UK and other parts of the world quit paying for these, as they had side effects and have poor results. Today I saw a neurologist that had ordered a spinal fluid test and MRI of the brain (no contrast). Protein level was twice as high as the upper exceptionable range, plus MRI show some scaring (not much). Though blood work was unremarkable.

Now they are talking about sending me to another Neurologist for there diagnoses and prescribing of Disease Modify Drugs. I really do not want to go through any more testing. and would prefer to allow the OMS diet sometime to work.

I have minor symptoms thus far, and was first DX over 30 years ago. Seems like testing puts stress on the body, and make things worst. I asked about blood cleaning or plasma protocol if I had other unrelated surgeries. The answer is just take a pill, which I really doubt the odds of helping.

How has everyone else sorted out these decisions, I know Dr. Roy Swank did not agree with the drug therapies, but did prescribe plasma to help the body cope with stress.
While Professor Jelinek does say to do whatever it takes, and for some that includes drug therapy, your symptoms are minor so far. It may be less stressful for you to embrace the OMS recommendations, and the empowerment that brings, and give it time to work as you say.

It is important to remember that the OMS recommendations go further than Swanks recommendations, though they do form the foundation for Professor Jelineks work, which also includes vitamin D and omega 3 essential fatty acid supplementation. Both of these play an important role in brain function including treating depression, increased calmness and better handling of stress. There is also meditation, another important part of the OMS approach, which is effective for stress reduction.

Professor Jelinek has this to say about Drug Therapies.
Drug Therapies
A variety of medications are used in multiple sclerosis treatment. It is important for people with MS to remember that none of the MS drugs purports to cure the disease, and that the best they offer is to reduce the rate of relapses. Mostly the size of this effect is very modest. Many of these treatments for multiple sclerosis have no effect on progressive disease, and it has been very difficult to detect any effect on the progression of the disease to disability for the majority of the treatments.

This contrasts with the lifestyle therapies outlined on this site. Diet for example has been shown in Swank’s and other long term studies to significantly reduce rate of progression of the illness to disability. Nevertheless, in the spirit of doing whatever it takes to stay well, many people with MS will choose to take one of the medications. There is no reason for this decision to be in conflict with lifestyle changes like diet and getting adequate sunlight. Many people feel that anything that is likely to help is worth trying, providing the side effects aren’t too much of a problem.

The web pages here outline the drugs more commonly used in MS treatment. For a more complete list, see the book ‘Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis’.
Hello Ted - I know what you are going through. Just this past January I went through the same thinking process. I had been advised to start DMD therapy even though I had not had a relapse in almost 2 years and my second MRI had no new lesions and one lesion had disappeared.... I decided that I wanted to give the OMS program a chance to "do its magic".

Its been a total of 16 months on OMS now and I am very happy with my decision. There are days on end when I almost forget that I have MS. I suspect that the daily injections would have had a negative emotional impact on me.

If the DMD had a positive impact greater than OMS, I'll never know. And I don't care since I am pleased with my current trajectory and with where I am at.

My advice is consider the facts and take some time to think things through. Don't let the neurologist or MS Clinic staff pressure you into a decision you don't want to take 100%.

Take care,

It should be no one other than you who decide if you take drugs.
We each make our own informed choices.
If me with 30 years behind me and with little smptoms I would be embracing OMS fully and let that be my medicine.
Appreciate concern and time to share your thoughts. Intuitively desiring more than the Swank diet gives for boundaries, embraced the OMS diet with the fish oil protocol. I have noticed the mental fog decrease with the fish oil and a boast to energy.

After sleeping on the recommendation of my current neurologist, too see one of her associate neurologist for testing review and medication, have declined the referral and stated that I wanted to avoid further elective procedures. The Stress on my body from testing and other medical procedures is as significant concern as any. Feel that the OMS diet should have time to nurture CNS and avoid the autoimmune tigers. I’m on a Vit D3 supplement, getting sunshine and exercise regularly. Doing meditation and consciously aware of avoiding chronic stress situations.

One goal is to find a neurologist that is Swank/OMS friendly in the area. Currently feeling empowered with a clearer understanding of MS, with a means of controlling MS, more than it controls me.
Excellent :-)
Swank was ground breaking but jelinek pushes that research further with OMS to aim for no progression, so with your approach I hope have stopped dairy from the swank angle or are moving that direction.
Could have your vitamin d level tested if you feel that is none intrusive to see if you are high enough as a starting point.
A celebration of your moment today after 30 years and being in minor symptoms.
Eliminated all diary, I had an adverse reaction to most diary for significant part of my adult life. Also have had very good results from sockeye salmon in my diet before. Thus the OMS guide lines rang true in my personal experience!

Vit D level was very low on testing a year ago, thus went on 5000IU daily, retesting annually is good idea. I've had a marked improvement in mood, energy, and general sense of well being during the months of the year, I can do moderate sun bathing or walks in shorts and minimal clothing.

Some years ago, a Nutrition instructor at a community college helped me find a significant part of what now is found in the OMS Diet. Empowered years ago with some of the basic building blocks of what I am doing now in the OMS Protocols.
Unless you mega dosed your vitamin d level could be quite low. 5000 a day is a maintenance level it won't particularly push your level up from reading on here.
I test every 6 months spring and autumn.
April 2014 was the last test, Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy 50.8
Is that a UK or US reading?
Don't know what unit measurement that is
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