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Decisions Decisions ! ...gilenya or terfidera ...your thoughts ??? I know the decision rest with me... but any feed back would be appreciated.
I have been taking Tecfidera since Dec 2013. My Dr slowly titrated me to full dose which helped a great deal with side effects which were minimal only after initial increases in dosages. I took baby aspirin and zantac briefly to help with flushing and GI symptoms. No side effects other than weight loss (due to Tecfidera per Dr and my eating choices) and MRI five months into taking Tecfidera shows I'm stable. I am doing my own eating/exercise regimen based on several approaches. My Dr did not think I was a good candidate for the other MS meds due to other medications im taking.
Thank you baggycat for your reply...that is the first time I've heard anyone's first hand experience of tecfidera :)
I have been offered part in a drug trial with one of the drugs Gilenya /tecfidera if all things were equal would it be to my advantage to go with the one attached to the trial...your thoughts /experience???
Have you researched the rebound profile of both drugs.
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