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Hi All
Just back today from an appointment with my partner with the Nuero ( EMOTIONAL DAY). My partner was officially diagnosed today with MS last year he had a MRI seven lesions and given CIS diagnosis. Since then started OMS October 2013 diet, fish oils, flaxseed and vit d megadose he was recently tested and vitamin d levels are at 146 nml they were previously at 40. They refused to test so feel like the suggestions we have had on here have helped so much to take control and have been so empowering. As I have noticed changeS in him since going on OMS. I still think I can see symptoms but don't know if I imagine then.

Big thank you to each and everyone of you, especially you George.

Had another MRI in April the results show subtle changes and several ( small) new lesions the MRI was done with contrast. So today moved form CIS to official MS diagnosis. Nuero has suggested he commence on BG 12.

So confused I know its Johnny's own decision but wee trust in OMS and would like to hear your thoughts, views and experience.

Many thanks in advance
Helen and Johnny
When I went for a confession last December the priest said that faith helps but does not replace science...
Same applies to OMS. The medicine you described is new and promising. Wish you all the best
Some day there will be acceptance to treat diseases like this the same as there is today to treat heart disease in that it will become established so I don't sweat that it is not yet.
If you want to add medication to your armoury research what you want to do not what drug is being singularly suggested. Prescribers can be influenced by their own choices or drug company pressures.
Read up on the rebound profile of any drug considered.
Read up on here what others have found out.
This is not a decision that has to be rushed.
Big thanks to you both for your reply.
Should he decide to commence in treatment it will be his first time on meds. Have and will continue to research and support him in any way I can.

Again many thanks


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