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Hi does anyone have a neuro in Brisbane or GC that is open to non drug treatment of MS? Mine is very biased toward me taking drugs and won't entertain OMS.

Does anyone have a neuro who is open to treating through OMS? I feel I still need a neuro to track progress through MRIs etc.

Thanks all
You don't need your neuro to be compliant to supporting your choices, it is nice but not essential. You just need then and or dr to support you testing your blood level for vit d when you want it and perhaps mri if you want them say annually.
It can create a stalemate situation if we try to fight our health providers into supporting what we are doing, we only need their support for what we need them for. Hopefully in time more will see the light.
Good luck in finding a new one.
Thanks veg. Sorry should have been more clear...I felt that the neuro was going to throw me out of the office when I said no drugs and trying OMS. It was basically their way or the highway!
Why not say no drugs for now with no other justification given and you will review your position next time in a years time etc. With them and in the mean time get your vit d tested.
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