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The Journal of Neuroscience, December 24, 2008
Neurobiology of Disease

Recovery from Chronic Demyelination by Thyroid Hormone
Therapy: Myelinogenesis Induction and Assessment by
Diffusion Tensor Magnetic Resonance Imaging

"Injection of triiodothyronine (T3) hormone over a 3 week interval after cuprizone withdrawal
progressively restored the normal DT-MRI phenotype accompanied by an improvement of clinical signs and remyelination."

I ran across this study and being almost completely ignorant I didn't know if this was saying that T3 would reverse demyelination under any circumstances or only those created by cuprizone administration. Does anyone Know?
I think that's hitting the nail on the head. It looks like a very early study of T3 . The cuprizone must cause demyelination but they don't mention EAE which is the usual MS like disease they usually give to mice. Very interesting though. I wonder if they ever took it any further?
I didn't see enough information from the study to really understand it. Your post caught my eye because I started on thyroid meds a couple of weeks ago (T3 and T4) because of an autoimmune thyroid issue. My thyroid was actually not working well according to blood tests before I was diagnosed with ms but I wasn't even aware of those test results as I was so caught up in pain at the time and my body seemed to be falling apart all at once. Now that I am feeling healthier and went in for a check of my vitamin D levels, the med person mentioned after looking at my chart that my thyroid should be rechecked as it had been off previously.

Anyway, what I am finding interesting is that within a couple of weeks of taking the thyroid meds, the burning in my hands and feet that has been a constant companion since Dec2012 actually is less all the time and totally disappears for short times. My dosage was increased today...I am curious and excited to see if improvement continues.

I had been reading about thyroid issues and thought it was interesting they mentioned tingling hands and feet as one of the symptoms--I had no idea. Tiredness and feeling cold too.

So I would guess if you have a thyroid issue-- the T3 is definitely helpful and as there are several cross-overs in symptoms between ms and thyroid...without the thyroid issue not so sure.

Interesting to consider.

Has anyone found any additional studies re: T3 and Remyelination? I was so intrigued by this, hoping to find a treatment to help my ms related fatigue.
Not seen anything to do with this study but I beleive that most people following OMS, incuding myself, have found that fatigue has improved.

I rarely suffer from fatigue anymore, maybe 3 - 4 times a year :)

Hope this helps

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