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This is only my second post so I hope this comes out right! I am a Tecfidera user. I was Dx June 5, 2014 with MS. I had started symptoms of vertigo in early May and after tests and finally an MRI was DX'd. By the time I was diagnosed I had double vision. I was trying to read info given to me by the neuro while taking 5 days of infusion of steroids. It took several weeks for the steroids to clear up my flare up. This made it difficult to read and decide on a med. I had my husband reading and even my teenage daughter. The nurse told me to take my time but said if I choose Tecfidera it would take awhile for the insurance to go thru since it was a new and very expensive med. I knew a little about OMS thru a friend that I was introduced to who had been dx'd in January. With it being summer already I was eating a lot of fruits and veggies and I have only eaten grass fed meat since being married 18 years ago. I was trying to read up on several different diets as well as trying to decide on a med. which I will say at the time I didn't really understand that it would have been an option to stay off meds. I was scared, ( my mom has MS), my family was worried and scared ( we had to cancel a vacation because of me).

My neuro asked me "pill or injection" so I right away said pill. My choices of meds were Tecfidera, Gelenya, and Copaxone. I started taking Tecfidera on June 30, 2014. I just didn't think I could do the injections. In retrospect I wish sometimes I would have investigated Copaxone and maybe asked to watch someone who injects Copaxone. I know someone in my town that uses Copaxone whom I did talk with but never thought to watch her.

Now 9 months in to taking tecfidera I am happy with it. It is very convenient with my busy schedule with the kids and we travel and camp a lot so it's really convenient in that aspect. Just starting the med was very scary to me. I don't even like to take Tylenol so putting this foreign substance into my body really bothered me. Plus I was nervouse about the side affects. However, I have done well. I had some flushing and mild burning and itching of the skin. I was a little nauseaous for awhile but all of that has since passed. I still take it after eating a meal and still take it with some applesauce to keep the flushing away. It's getting to where I don't need to eat a full meal and I can just eat a snack bar or some fruit or OMS friendly sandwich before taking it. That way when I am on the run with my kids' activities it makes it easy to take. I do try and take it at the same times everyday. Approx. 12 hours apart.

I don't see much posted about Tecfidera on here so I hope this helps anyone who is interested. It is all a personal choice. I believe that in time (years down the road) that it may be possible to stop taking a DMD. Especially if following a program like OMS!! Dr. Jelenik did!!

Be well! Alicia
Dx June 5, 2014. Tecfidera June 30, 2014. Full on OMS by Sept. 2014
@veg : "There is more to drugs than taking them ... what if I were to stop are there any rebound issues I should also know about to help with choosing which one."

I totally agree. Whence the importance for me of making sure vit D + flaxseed + exercise + some form of meditation does not work for me *before* I become non naive MS-medicinewise.

Cheers !
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