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Hi :) i'm hoping every1's doing better today than yesterday. I'm using 1x a month "Chemo" with 500 mg steroids for 4 years now, i've started "L.D.N" 9 mos ago, i'm well & don't have any side effects so its good, however i've been thinking to stop chemo & steroids i.v infusion 1 x a month & that way i'll no more for sure if l.d.n is really helping or making a difference, but i'm frightful that my body is used 2 the 1x a month steroid i've been getting for the past couple years in which i think is what's most helpful more than the chemo is but i'm not sure, i'd like to just use l.d.n but is afraid that i may develop a pain/ discomfort issue. i've tried "Baclofen, ampyra, gabapentin/ neuroton, ..not helpful, didn't like them. Should i ask my dct for a daily small/ 10mg prednisone pill to take to keep my body balanced & pain free, what should i do? All suggestions are appreciated, thank u.
I would recommend you get Jon Kabat-zinn mindfulness for pain relief CD.
It helped me alot more than distraction techniques.
Prepare the mind before making changes.
Hi Cat10

What drug do you mean when you say "Chemo'? What are the steroids being used for? Is the "Chemo" being given to you to try and stop relapses? What type of pain and location of pain do you mean and do you know what is causing the pain?

I ask because no-one can really give you any comments on their own experiences about stopping drugs unless they know about these things.

Yes more details please
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