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I have just been recently diagnosed, but think I have probably had MS for about 8 or 9 years (I'm now 54). So far I don't have a very aggressive case. I started the OMS program as soon as I was diagnosed, so am following the diet, and other program recommendations. I am going to do drug therapy as well. I have been researching the drugs and have narrowed it down to Copaxone or Gilenya. Does any one have experience with one or both of these? My Dr. said different drugs work well on different people, so I think he will let me pick whatever I want. I have an appointment tomorrow to make this decision. Any advice will be greatly appreciated! I have good insurance so $$ isn't an issue.
I went on Gilenya soon after diagnosis 3 yrs ago; like you I had probably had it for many years before.
It has suited me very well; easy to take and highly effective.
Between it and OMS I have stabilised with no further relapses and now improvment in residual deficits, and on annual MRI no new lesions and reduction in existing.

As well as the first dose monitoring, eye checks for macular oedema should be done, and monitoring of bloods as there can be issues with liver tests and white cell counts, you will also need to be already protected against Herpes Zoster by immunisation or prior chicken pox/shingles.
Of course side effects are possible and unpredictable. The only one I have had has been asymptomatic reduction in WCC that gradually worsened other time. Since I am otherwise so happy with Gilenya we have reduced to alternate daily dosing which has maintained effectiveness, prevented rebound (potentially an issue if stopping) and allowed recovery of total WCC yet kept lymphocytes in the desired range.
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