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I was a bit caught off guard today with some media, especially backed by the MS society in the UK talking about how important it is to start DMD as soon after diagnosis as possible. It frightened me as meds is a big fear for me. I am 40 (just!) 3+ years relapse free and 3+ years on OMS with few symptoms. I am nervous that my next (and annual) visit to the consultant will result in suggestion of a DMD so want to be prepared. I am, to be completely honest, terrified of starting a medication particularly as I am pretty much symptom free. It just seems so counter-intuitive to start a drug treatment with all its side effects when I am well. BUT, this is what they say the research is saying - that the illness is active even without relapses.

My plan, when I go to my appointment, is to request another MRI before making any decision. Has anyone else taken this approach?

If they can / MRI demonstrate to me that the MS has been active even when I have been well then, I am more happy to have the conversation. My questions is, can the MS be active (in the immune system ) in a way which the MRI wouldn't demonstrate, or is a stable or improved MRI enough to demonstrate the MS is inactive?? (you can see from my unfaltering belief that the MS is inactive how strongly I believe in OMs and my recovery ;)

I want to feel prepared for this conversation!!

thanks everyone and Be well people!
Ultimately it is your body and your choice and you can always say I will take away your comments and consider then before making a decision. Don't feel pressured into deciding while in a consultation.
The MS Society do many good things but the user base tends to be none participants in their recovery but passengers to thier disease.
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