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I am considering option to take DMD until I stabilize disease, until my lifestyle changes start to show results. Does anyone know was Dr Jelinek taking some of DMD anytime? If yes, When? And for how long?
What are experiences from others on this issue? I am doing OMS for one month (since I had my first relaps).
I recently diagnosed too and decided to do lemtrada earlier this month as well as oms
Taking a DMD/DMT or not is a decision that only you can make. The best thing you can do become as well informed about all of the drug options as you can, and understand what the pros/cons and side effects might be for you. Everyone's MS is slightly different for them, and if you have fairly aggressive MS (i.e. having quite a few relapses) you may need to take a drug to calm things down before too much irreversible damage is done. Unfortunately, sometimes only time will tell. Furthermore, the side effects for each person can also vary widely - some people may have heaps on one drug and another person almost none on the same drug. If you buy Prof J's Overcoming MS book he does give quite a bit of information about the older drugs, but the newer oral meds are not covered and you will need to research elsewhere for information on these. In the book Prof J also provides some of his own history with Copaxone.

I have only been on one drug (Interferon Beta-1A) and it was not good for me, and I had a lot of problems with it with side effects. I persisted for 9 months before giving up on it and I'm not currently on any drugs except LDN. However, I suspect that IFN wasn't going to do anything for me anyway because with the knowledge I have gained since my diagnosis I don't think I was ever really relapsing anyway - none of what I experienced over nearly six years before I first saw a neurologist ever fitted with the definition of a relapse. I suspect that I have probably been either SPMS for some years or progressive from the start, and this is probably why my neuro isn't pushing me to take any meds (although my medical record still calls me RRMS), as at this time there aren't any which are approved for SPMS or PPMS.

I can't be sure if the LDN is doing anything positive or not for me, but I have no side effects from it (apart from the pain it causes my finances!). There are varying viewpoints on how it works, but the truth is that no-one actually knows. Some people claim that it strengthens the immune system, others believe that it allows your body to "re-regulate" its immune system. The research just isn't out there to definitively say exactly how it does work, and some people with MS have no benefits at all from it, while others think it has worked miracles for them.

Sorry if this doesn't provide clear answers for you, but no-one can - they can only tell a story from their own perspectives and experiences.
Having read your other thread if you are pregnant and/or breast feeding you might want to read up on copaxone.
There are a few posts on this drug and pregnancy.
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