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Hi everyone, I am a huge advocate for Cannabis as a medicine; I know a lot of PwMS that use Cannabis via a vaporizer and it helps alleviate spasms and some pain.

Cannabis Oil is the next frontier for many; here in Canada the laws are changing ever so slowly and soon enough we will be able to acquire concentrated Cannabis oil.

Just wanted to throw this out there, has anyone used Cannabis Oil (not smoked) for their MS?
I've been following the bumf coming out of the CBD oil folks, some appear reputable, some don't.

There looks to be some pseudo science on some of the web sites for some of the products, but it currently looks like the costs of reputable CBD in concentrations that would be useful, are at a couple of hundred dollars a month.

For those able to grow their own, Colorado / Washington State, it would definitely pay to grow your own, and do the extraction yourself, doubtful that you can go with the CO2 extraction kit, (due to costs difficulties), but of the Ethanol or Olive oil methods, I think the Olive oil method produces a safer / more beneficial product.

There is a producer about 30 miles South of me, but their product is $269.00 for a 2 month supply, and their oil comes in to the country as industrial grade oil, that needs cleaning, processing, etc.

CBD oil is now available across the lower 48 and is supposed to be legal and can be bought online.

As with all things, complying with your State or Federal laws, is a means to play safe/r with all things, read and contact local organizations and medical professionals on whether you can get an Rx for the CBD oil, and move ahead as you can.
Be well, live long and prosper!
I completely understand where you are coming from, my question is has anyone USED this for their MS.

I know of 3 people directly that are benefiting from it, 2 of them say they have no symptoms after being on a steady dose (i.e. Rick Simpson Protocol).

I live in Canada, so right now it is the wild west. Our Prime Minister has vowed to legalized (and since back stepped 3 times), but for the most part personal possession is treated on a case by case basis, almost 100% of these are thrown out in court. Our supreme court put our previous PM on notice by saying anyone allowed to possess cannabis for medical purposes can render it into any sort of form (oil, tincture) under the protection of law.

Cannabis oil holds great promise for everything from Cancer, MS, LUPUS, ALS (check out Youtube for patient testimonials); I wanted to see if anyone on the forum is using it in their MS Toolkit.
I've switched from smoking high THC and or CBD flowers to vaporizing flowers to now making my own tincture with high CBD / THC flowers. It has been great to not need to take smoke into my body but still get some benefits from the "medicine." Fortunately in California there is an amazing supply of product (that has been lab tested and has specs of THC/CBD).

Making the tincture is really easy and best done with Everclear 190. Using older flowers for the tincture is a great way to help with getting more sleep as the THC transitions to CBN as the product ages. I usually have a few types of tincture on hand with varying degrees of THC/CBD ratio.

I find the tincture very helpful for relaxing my body and mind and clearing out that sorta scrambled/on edge energy. In the bigger picture, the CBD is reported to be immunosuppressive so there is potential for some greater good as well. The cost savings of making your own tincture is huge and if you have interest in a process to do so feel free to direct message me.
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