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Been on the diet now for 4 years I did take copaxone for about a 1 1/2 years but got lots of side effect and felt rubbish all the time. Been off meds now for 18 months feel a lot better in myself do still have off days and days where numbness and fatigue play up. Have got back to working more hours and living life. After a visit with my MS nurse today I got the results from my MRI that I had 9 months ago it showed no active lessions but new lessions where there and the would like me to start meds again aaahhhh what to do.
I'm approaching the 4 year mark too. The meds decisions are hard aren't they.
My personal approach (& it is very personal) is wanting no MRI activity as well as no clinical and I take Gilenya. It is the only DMT I have experience with, and apart from the pill taking I wouldn't know I am on it. Of course there are potential side effects some of which are serious and can't predict if will or won't get them; my take on it is ongoing brain damage is very deleterious and worse is sometimes both subclinical and cumulative.
Just wanted to say it is possible to be on OMS & a drug which is both highly effective and well tolerated.
Good luck with whatever you decide
Hi Delb

As you know, this is a really personal decision and only one you can make. I began Copaxone a year after staring OMS. I was coming out of a bad relapse which affected my mobility, so I was throwing everything at my MS. I see the Copaxone as a safety net, until I have got well established with the diet. (My Neuro was surprised how well I was doing on the drug, though refuses to recognise the diet is playing any part, which says to me that OMS is clearly playing a part!). Unlike you, I have had no negative reaction to the Copaxone.

I personally wouldn't take a drug unless I knew I was doing everything else possible to help myself. How confident do you feel on OMS? How stable do you feel you are on the diet? As Prof Jelinek says: do whatever it takes.

Good luck with your decision.

I feel stable on the diet been on it a while now and enjoy the way I eat meditation not so good and i'am sure there is much I can improve. I've felt really good i still have days of numbness and other MS symptoms but generally feel good unless you just get used to feeling rubbish haha that must be the good old Britsh put a smile on and just get on with it :) Not sure what meds to even look at .
I have had symptoms of MS for over 30 years. Diagnosed R/R 25 years ago. I started taking Rebif in 2010 after active lesions showed up on my MRI. My legs are getting gradually weaker for the past two years. The MRI is showing no new lesions. My neurologist wants to put me on Gilenya, Aubagio or Tysabri. I actually visited Dr. Swank in Portland, USA 25 years ago and lived the Swank Diet for several years. I am now recommitted to following the OMS Recover Program after finding it last week. I am not sure what to do regarding starting a new medication, or stopping medication for a year or so and following OMS. It sounds like medication is a high concern for many OMS followers. I am 50 years old, Female.
My thought was it is great to live life but the increase in work hours might be your tiping point. Taking a drug may not patch that up, think you should review why you increased your hours. It might be you go for looking at hours and drug and commit to OMS, not leaving a stone unturned.
That mri is already 9 months out of date though.

(I'm not pro drugs as I have never taken any but try to keep an open mind for others when replying)
You don't mention exercise, this is a key component.
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