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On 4/2/2015, I was diagnosed with MS. Some of you may know me as I've posted on topics mostly related to drug therapies. This group is amazing and I attribute my fast recovery from my relapse and my continued health (as well as losing 65 pounds!!!) with embracing OMS lifestyle as fully as I possibly could (still need more meditation). But alas, my studies on current MS treatments have led to the discovery of HSCT. I was reluctant to post on here as I don't want to distract from the good work done by the OMS organization, but I feel obligated to share this with the world.

I am receiving HSCT at Northwestern Medical in Chicago from Dr. Burt. This is the phase 3 trial for FDA approval. There are many other reputable facilities around the world performing the procedure, but I was fortunate enough to have insurance cover it if I did it at NWM. The results of several studies are in (including preliminary results from the NWM trial), and they consistently show 80% or greater efficacy in achieving long-term NEDA (No Evidence of Disease Activity). For someone in my position - less than 10 years of disease activity and under 40 years of age - efficacy reaches 90%. That means there is a 9 in 10 chance I could rid myself of this disease.

This treatment is not easy nor without risk, but I encourage you to cast aside misinformation regarding procedure mortality. With the current non-myeloablative technique, there have been no deaths and few complications. Lemtrada carries with it a 25% risk of developing a second AI disease, where as this procedure is 1%. The calculated risk of death is <2%, which is less than the risk of dying each time you drive a vehicle.

I have no intentions of abandoning the OMS lifestyle regardless of the outcome. My reasoning for taking the drastic step of HSCT is not due to a lack of faith in OMS, but rather because I have a family that depends on me.

I am happy to answer questions and even guide you to documentation of the info I've presented here. I am currently doing my pretesting for the procedure and will come on here to inform everyone of my results as they materialize.


Looking foward to following your journey!
It's something I may look into as it becomes more mainstream.
My g.p is very Pro HSCT.
I'm not ready for the journey of it though and it's not being done in my country yet so it would mean a stay overseas and costing my family a lot of money.
Australia in Sydney have just started doing it, but only for m.s people who live in that city.

And like you I would still follow OMS after.
All the best.

I had communicated with Dr. Burt's office some months ago and was sent some information. My understanding after perusing it was that one with RRMS would be considered for the clinical study only if not responding well to first-line drug therapy. Not true?
West62, that is correct, but they do accept on a compassionate basis some times. That was the case with me. Explain your situation to them, and give it a shot.

It's also worth mentioning that one can have this done in Mexico for $54k, all inclusive. A lot of people flinch when you say Mexico (myself included) but they are a reputable hospital with a lot of experience and a lot of success with this procedure. One can also go to Russia, Sweden, Israel, Germany, the Phillipines, and other places.


Thanks for clearing that up, Mars. I undoubtedly would not qualify on the compassionate basis as I am A-OK now. Since as you point out there are potential downsides to various types of stem cell treatment, it's not something that I would want to pursue at present. I am just monitoring developments with an eye to the future. Great strides are being made, and I suspect that will continue and accelerate in the fullness of time.

You are quite right - Mexico does make me flinch! To me, Chicago or Hadassah Hospital in Israel sound far more appealing.

I wish you great success - please keep all of us posted on your progress! Sending good thoughts your way.


Be great to be kept informed of your progress. If this works for most people does that mean we finally get the answer as to whether ms is a auto immune disease, blood flow/too much iron in the brain problem or a saturated fat related issue?


There are two different treatments that resolve that the disease is autoimmune mediated. The first is Ocrelizumab. It is turning MS therapy upside down because it addresses B cells instead of just T cells. The results are so good that it's getting fast tracked through the FDA due to its success with progressive disease. The other is HSCT. The fact that people are not only seeing a halting of disease, but are healing and going down in their EDS scores.

This is not to say that saturated fats, dairy, lack of vitamin D, or stress didn't each factor into triggering and propelling the disease. For this reason, I will never stop OMS.


Looking that way then. Be nice to finally know.

Following with interest. All the best

The first part of the process was to travel to Chicago for pre-testing. They look at every aspect of your health to assure you are fit enough to endure the procedure. I'm happy to report that all looked good for me. I attribute a lot of this to following OMS for the past year as my cholesterol is great, my heart is functioning efficiently, my blood pressure is low, and I'm at an ideal weight. This was not the case before OMS.

Next, I go for two weeks for what is called mobilization. They will give me a very small amount of chemo to induce stem cell release from my marrow, then follow it up with two weeks of daily shots of a growth promoter. Then they filter the stem cells from my blood on the last day. I'll post again when I've completed this.

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