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Mars, Sending good and hopeful thoughts your way. As I'm sure all your virtual acquaintances are. Please keep us updated when the opportunity presents itself. You are in skilled hands in Chicago!
Hi Mars

I heard about HSCT for the first time today – a UK woman started a crowd funding initiative to undergo the procedure in Mexico – and (naturally) one is a little sceptical. Do you mind pointing me in the direction of some credible sources / info on the topic?

But, like West62, I am looking forward and quietly hoping that this might be the cure we are all looking for. All the best with your pioneering work!

Hi Mars, trust all is going well for you mate.


I would recommend joining the following Facebook groups, then perusing the files section. Follow the links to the study results and to the Northwestern Medical web page. Then read through the posts. If you post questions, you'll find everyone to be quite helpful.

https://m.facebook.com/groups/149103351 ... =bookmarks

https://m.facebook.com/groups/460126220 ... =bookmarks

https://m.facebook.com/groups/138075351 ... =bookmarks

If you take a close look at the Mexico site, you'll find it is actually a very reputable clinic getting great results.

If you don't find the info you need there, let me know on this thread, and I'll post some more links as soon as I can.

Very happy for you. I was also accepted in the clinical trial a while ago - but despite going through every level of appeal with my insurance company they refused to cover it - I actually found this almost amusing since I work for Big Pharma - and our very existence depends on people taking part in clinical trials... oh well...

Luckily I have stabilized on Tecfidera - but still keep an eye on HSCT!

Recent Interview with HSCT Dr and HSCT discussion



They designed a Phase 2 clinical trial (NCT01099930) exploring whether completely wiping out the immune system might improve the odds of success.
Diagnosed June 2004
MarsDennis wrote: The first part of the process was to travel to Chicago for pre-testing. They look at every aspect of your health to assure you are fit enough to endure the procedure. I'm happy to report that all looked good for me. I attribute a lot of this to following OMS for the past year as my cholesterol is great, my heart is functioning efficiently, my blood pressure is low, and I'm at an ideal weight. This was not the case before OMS.

Next, I go for two weeks for what is called mobilization. They will give me a very small amount of chemo to induce stem cell release from my marrow, then follow it up with two weeks of daily shots of a growth promoter. Then they filter the stem cells from my blood on the last day. I'll post again when I've completed this.


How did it go? I'm considering a stem cell transplant coordinated by CellTex in Houston.

Good luck Mars!
I've been in touch with Raffles in Singapore and am going through the motions to get accepted for HSCT.
Be had m.s since 2003 and am sick of getting worse and living in fear. OMS has been great and I'll continue to do it. But as stress seems to be my attack trigger HS.cT might give me a chance at living a more confident and well life..
Look forward to hearing your journey, thanks for posting!
First off, I must sincerely apologize to the OMS community for not posting on this in so long. I did not want to turn my back on the best community I've had the pleasure being a part in, but I needed to get away from all things MS for a while.

I am now almost 8 months out from having HSCT in Chicago. The procedure was difficult but very manageable. The results have been nothing short of astounding. I am lucky to not have any lingering side affects - yet. My condition has improved dramatically, and I am living my life as if I don't have MS. I bought a house, advanced my career and am working on having a second child. I can not recommend this highly enough.

I would like to make myself available to all of you for more details, so please feel free to post questions here or private message me.


I am so really pleased for you
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