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Hello Mars,
It is fantastic news that you have come through this procedure with such amazing results. Thank you for sharing this experience it truly is inspirational to know that people like yourself are getting such positive results.....It sounds like a cure?? Could you share what you found difficult in the early days of treatment and what your follow up is going to be? e.g tests, medication, risk of relapse.
I am in Australia, I believe there is a trial in Sydney.... I am just being investigative because it sounds fascinating and possibly worth trying. I have had MS for 13 yrs, RR, am a practicing OMSer, not currently on treatment, but have a young family and want to stay fit for them...I have noticed my stamina is not as great as it was. I like staying informed about developments/treatments for MS, so thank you for sharing.
Best wishes for a healthy future :) and great happiness!

hi mars,

i am so so happy for you!
i am going in a few months to see dr. burt for my 4 year follow up! i had hsct off-study at northwestern and only wish i did it sooner.
my edss went from 6.5 to 3.5. you would have no idea pre-hsct i was 35 and in a nursing home.
i am thrilled for you. if interested this is my short story ....


Hi Nadine,
I loved your story. I found it very inspirational, I am so very happy for you. You are so very lucky to have such a supportive friend and medical team.
So, do you have any symptoms of MS at all now? How are you functioning on a hot day? What do the follow up appointments involve ?
I hope you don't mind me asking questions, I find the treatment to be fascinating and I think it will one day be an option for more people, especially since DR Burt has been treating for 10 yrs now-WOW!!
Well done Nadine, wishing you a very healthy and bright future :D

Thanks for your experience. I found it very inspirational too.

That's amazing Mars! So happy for you.May you continue to go from strength to strength :D


Jen_in_the_desert wrote: That's amazing Mars! So happy for you.May you continue to go from strength to strength :D

Hey Jen can you please check your private message folder :) Unless you ignored me on purpose which is cool :D
MS = April 2017
OMS = April 2017
Hi Mars
Glad to hear you are doing well.
I just came on your posts as I was searching for blogs on Aubagio. I noticed that you started on Aubagio. Can I please ask why you came of it and how soon after you started?

Mars, great news all around. Fantastic. Congratulations!

I PM'd you about this but I wanted to post anyway. After reviewing the preliminary applications and MRI reports Dr. Burt of DIAD in Chicago recommended my son come in ASAP for the initial consult. If he is accepted for treatment it will be off-study as you were on a compassionate basis.

No idea what the future holds but I'll keep everyone here up to date. One thing I do feel I know - the OMS program is an incredibly healthy way to live and I think makes me a better person, too. My doctor was staggered when I did my annual physical after only 4 months with OMS (our family all jumped in at once).

Thank you all for your support. It's an amazing group.

Be well, everyone.
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