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I am new here, and am seeking opinions.

At my last MS clinic appt. they told me my last MRI 9last month) showed 5 new lesions. They strongly recommended Rebif. I am on the fence, as I see way more cons than pros. My fist symptom was optic neuritis. My other symptoms were also sensory. I have not had a relapse in over 5 years.

Would I do from a mild case to aggressive? The unknown....

Welcome Liz
How long have you been following OMS or is this also new to you?
With any drug it is an idea to also research any rebound activity that a drug might cause when it is ceased.
Do you actually feel normal for you or are you aware of being in relapse?

I have been following a modified Swank diet since DX. (I allow myself dark chocolate)

I have yet to start any drug. No relapse since 2011. DX in 2002.
OMS is more than diet, it includes exercise, vitamin d and meditation as well and drugs as a personal choice.
I don't know anything about drugs in detail. While waiting for a reply you might try a search though rebif doesn't come up often that I've seen.
Yeah, I think I need to talk to my GP.
Thanks anyway.
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