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I have decided to make a baby..but hat apperead a problem: I have paresthesya at my left leg, tingless and numbless:(
I don t know what to do..I should trie to treat it before trying conceiving.My doctor made me appoiment afer 2 mounths:(
Please, help me!what can I take till then?
Should I try cortizon even those I am not so hard affected ? Can cortison affect my fertility?
Had everyone any helpful advice for me?
Good evening!
Ps: Excuze me for my english .i am from Romania
Hello Carmen,

Like you, I have a leg that gives me problems, but my symptoms are different from yours so I don't know if my experience will be useful to you. My problems are all in my right leg and to do with muscle tension - a feeling of the leg "setting in concrete" the moment I stop moving; 'jumpy' or 'restless' legs and sometimes uncontrollable muscle spasms brought about by as little as a sheet or a nightdress touching my leg.

The really good news is that my leg problems have become much better after starting the OMS programme! I don't know how long you have been following the programme but hopefully the same will be true for you.

In addition to OMS, other strategies I have found helpful include:

- acupuncture. My leg always felt much better after a treatment. Acupuncture would be a very safe option in terms of conception and pregnancy, I imagine?
- a TENS unit (transcutaneous electrical stimulation). This is a small battery driven device that gives very small amounts of electrical stimulation via adhesive pads that you placed on your skin. It works by 'tricking' the brain into noticing the electrical stimulation instead of the numbness/tingling/pain that is troubling you. Again, an option that I would imagine is very safe for conception / pregnancy. I paid about 30 pounds sterling for my tens unit a few years ago.
- a foam roller (like this one - https://www.amazon.co.uk/PhysioRoom-Exe ... B0057EQHU6 ) basically to 'self-massage' the legs by lying on the floor with your leg or legs on top of the roller and using your arms to pull yourself backwards and forwards.

Because my problem was all to do with tension I have also been prescribed the muscle relaxant Baclofen. Your problem is different from mine so this may not be relevant for you and I don't know if this drug would be safe for you.

If your leg problems are not too severe, perhaps you may not need to worry too much about having the symptoms treated before you conceive? From what I have read, the hormones that are present during pregnancy mean that women with MS apparently find that symptoms disappear during pregnancy. I also have the impression that breastfeeding prolongs this positive effect?

I wish you good luck, Carmen.

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The OMS site & forum are brilliant! Thanks, everyone! :D

Thank you for your advice Jette! I find them very useful.
About TENSE I found this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/AVANTEK-Electr ... ain+relief ?
Is the one about you said ? I already have a massage belt, but in its instruction is mentioned that is not safe in pregnancy. Is TENSE a different tehnology , is not electrostimulation, too?

Also, I read about the alpha lipoic acid and the Neuro Optimizer.It said that is good for tingling and restless legs.Do you know something about them? I think they are vitamins, so it should not affect me before pregnancy.
Thank you! Have a wonderful day!
The Tens unit listed is the type of unit that is very good for low current, electrical stimulation. This therapy is safe and can be really effective. The trick is to experiment and locate the exact spots where to place the nodes on your body. It's also important to use it on a regular basis, at least so you can really test it out. This type of therapy us now being used to treat many nerve related issues stemming from illnesses such as MS, arthritis, etc. It can also help with conditions that are annoying such as neuropathy. This type of therapy is being studied more and more, and results so far have been promising. Because the units sold now are fairly inexpensive, it's worth trying. This technology used to be much more expensive and typically required a visit to a practioner's office.

http://www.emaxhealth.com/1275/tens-off ... -sclerosis

I would not use cortisone; steroids are really a last, last remedy to try due to how hard they are on the body.

Another thing to consider for symptom relief is cannabis; especially in the form of cannabis oil. The science behind this is looking very promising and it's especially likely that we will have various medications based on this in the near future.
Physiotherapists can help you access tens units
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