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Has anyone looked into or had the shingles vaccine?

My mum has recently had shingles. She's been very ill with it and still suffers from neuraligia associated from the virus. She has lupus and had a hip replacement, both of these could have made the shingles much worse for her.

So I'm thinking of having the vaccination. I'm concerned it may have some side effects. But i don't think these could be worse than the virus itself! And it costs about $200 in Australia if you are under 70.
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Wow! That's one thing I can get pretty inexpensively...vaccines. We certainly have a lot of other nutty charges for medical in the U.S., however.

Personally, I have been following Anthony Williams books, which talk about shingles and how to avoid/heal from it. He recommends various foods and herbs. He also has different info on m.s. As with Overcoming MS, he recommends low fat, vegetarian, dairy free, but has a few more diet restrictions and several anti-virus herbs and foods.

So, just what I am choosing now...no vaccine, but a few additional diet changes. So far, so good:)
Yes I have had the shingles vaccine a couple of years ago as I was going to go on a m.s drug which required me to have this ( didn't end up going on drug )
I actually had had shingles when I was 14 so I probably didn't need the vaccine anyway but the doctor insisted.

No side effects for me, but that may have been to do with the fact I'd previously had shingles.
I have been advised by neurologist, to be careful if a vaccine has a ‘live attenuated virus’.
Adult flu vaccines, for example, are not ‘live’ when given in IM injection form (I believe the vaccine given intra-nasally is live).

Not sure if shingles vaccine is a Live-attenuated virus. If so, caution and research for us with MS before getting the vaccine . Limited research shows some MS persons have tendency for Relapses after vaccine with live-virus.
I do hope you and your mom are feeling well.
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