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I do hope this doesn't appear frivolous.I had an episode of Transverse Myelitis 2 years ago and the specialist said we'd only know if became MS if I had a 2nd episode. Some people here then told me it could be several years before a 2nd attack so I know I'm not out of the woods yet.
I've had 2 unpleasant nerve-related episodes in the last year but the specialist assured me the 1st one at least was not related to MS. The 2nd one also seemed very different.

After joining this forum I've been on daily doses of Vit D3 (5000 iu), Flaxseed Oil (1000mg), Vit B12, B Complex, plus iron (200mg).
I've been ordering online from ChemistDirect (a UK site) but their service and products aren't great and someone recommended iHerb

can anyone tell me, as far as doing the best thing drug-wise, are these still the best things to take, and what specific products on iHerb do you order? So far I don't think they stock all the items in the same quantities as the other site.

can I wish everyone here a happy and healthy 2017, thanks
Iron can be toxic if level too high I would not take iron. I dont do b complex either.
B12 meth... i get from iherb just watch order including shipping does not exceed £15 (current import tax limit in the UK,).
Get your vit d level tested
Meditate, exercise and do the dietary changes
I get vit d from healthspan 1000 and take 5 or 6.
Hope that helps and happy new year
actually I'm not in the UK so some of that confuses me but I'll take your advice on board, thanks
Some countries have a price limit under which there is no importation tax when ordering from out side, sometimes referred to as low value consignment relief.
thanks veg - and an apology!

I said iron ... but I meant zinc. I think I must have read about it on the forum some time ago

yes, I'll have another test for my Vit D level, thanks for reminding me

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