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I really don t know what I should do! So. please, any advice is helpful for me.
I took in november 1 gr /day for 5 day methylprednisolone terapy for my left leg paraesthesia and now I feel worse. Nothing improved! I am so disappointed because it was a huge dose and nothing better. Because I dream so much having a baby I gave up up taking any pills but I am afraid starting a pregnancy with numbness, tinglings and electrical sensation in my leg. Could be any chance to fell better with my leg because of hormones of pregnancy?
So I decided to trying thinking the last time to another treatment and to postpone making a baby:((
I am so confused.. I don t know if my leg problem will be permanent? If I am tacking a wrong decision and I lose only time ..
If I have peripheral neuropathy or only pareasthesia? What kind of treatment do you use for this problem?
Thank you!
Firstly I think you need to factor meditation into your life to help you with what you are managing, you have your health your concerns and aspirations to be a parent, that's a lot of head thoughts. Meditation is one of the key elements to OMS. How much meditation are you managing now?
Thank you Veg!yes my meditation was quiet absend ...I will meditate more .sometime I am so worried and I don t succed meditate.
Carmen don't think of "failing" meditation. It's different for everyone and even just a few minutes can help.
The only way to fail meditation is to not meditate.
Here's an interest link by a guy who developed the "Headspace" meditation app. It's so easy to follow. This short clip explains how we'll just 10minutes a day can help.
https://www.ted.com/talks/andy_puddicom ... =en#t-6205
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