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Hello friends,

I am 31 and am very recently diagnosed with MS (as of January 4, 2017) and am in the process of deciding on a treatment plan. First off, I am sooo glad I stumbled across OMS as it has given me a little hope in all this chaos of doctor appointments and tests! I'm currently trying to revamp my diet to the OMS way and have started a good exercise regimen. Although fitting in daily meditation is going to take some work. ;)

My MS was discovered because of optic neuritis in my right eye. To my knowledge, this has been my only visible symptom so far but my MRI shows evidence of previous "silent" episodes (its possible I had a case of drop foot in my right foot about 4 years ago but it was diagnosed as a pinched nerve at the time even though no tests were run). My neurologist is pushing me to take DMDs (right now copaxone is looking like the best option for me), although I am not certain taking medication is the route I want to go. My optic neuritis has not healed back to 100% capacity (started in November) and my neurologist's concern is that I could get another episode of optic neuritis in my other eye and then I would be unable to drive/possibly work/etc. I am a book keeper so vision is kind of important lol. This is why he is pushing me to take DMDs. I am concerned about taking drugs early on in my "progression" as they all seem to be fairly hard on the body. I am concerned about long term side effects and really don't want to expose my body to these drugs if I don't really need it. However, I am not completely anti-drug so if I suddenly start having more frequent episodes then I will certainly start taking the drugs.

My question to you all, is for those of you that have had optic neuritis, have you had it come back in the other eye later on? Also, are there any OMS remedies to help heal optic neuritis in particular? Have any of you had optic neuritis and then opted out of taking drugs?

Thanks for any advice you may have.
First Visible Symptom: November 2016; Diagnosis: January 4, 2017; Discovered OMS: January 17, 2017.
Hi Jenn

Firstly, welcome to OMS. By adopting the lifestyle changes you give yourself a really good chance of getting on top of your symptoms.

Taking a DMD is a personal choice and one that you and you alone can decide. What works for one person may not work for another, as MS is sch an individual disease. The best thing to do is read other people's stories.

Like you, my MS first presented as a case of ON. I was told there was a 50% chance it was MS, and the Neuro adopted a "wait and see" approach. The ON cleared up after 8 weeks. I then experienced lots of sensory symptoms. I had another episode of ON a couple of years later (opposite eye), and the first eye was affected again about a year ago. 3.5 years after diagnosis (and after being told my MS was "very mild"), I had a big relapse that has affected my mobility and left me on crutches for the last 4 years. It was only after this relapse that my Neuro and I discussed drugs. I think that Neuros are now looking to start DMDs sooner rather than using the "wait and see" approach.

I started OMS almost 5 years ago, and have been taking Copaxone for 4 years. I have had no side effects from the drugs. My Neuro said he was surprised that I had had such a positive reaction to the Copaxone (only one slight relapse - my third case of ON) in almost 4 years. I am certain that this is because of the diet and lifestyle changes, and not just because I have had some miracle reaction to the drugs!

For me, Copaxone is a safety net. It takes 3-5 years to really stabilise on OMS. I am in a much better place now than when I started, but I am sure this is largely due to OMS. My Neuro admits that, even if I had begun Copaxone earlier, there is no guarantee that I wouldn't have had the 'big' relapse.

Good luck with your decision. I am more than happy to answer any questions, as it sounds as if you have had a similar start to your MS as I had.

Welcome Jenn,

I had Optic Neuritis in May 2015 which has still not 100% resolved. I can see quite well with that eye but it is still a bit blurry - some days are worse than others.

Not on any drugs and do not have formal MS diagnosis. As mentioned it is very much a personal decision whether to take the medication - I would do it if recommended by my Doctor but not at that stage yet.

Thanks for the replies! I have an appointment with an MS focused neuro on Thursday for a second opinion so I'm curious as to what they will say. I really appreciate all the input from your experiences.
First Visible Symptom: November 2016; Diagnosis: January 4, 2017; Discovered OMS: January 17, 2017.
Welcome! I had optic neuritis in June 2014, it resolved within several months and now I only notice the deficit if I cover my good eye- the deficit that remained is like looking through a foggy window. This gets worse if I'm run down,hot, or have a cold but other than that it's all good. I haven't started meds yet as we did the wait & see approach. However, in the last several months I've started getting numb/tingly feelings in hands & feet so my neuro wants me to consider meds now (MRI is unchanged though so that's good). The point that made me seriously consider meds was like Rachel in the previous comment, he cautioned that there's always a risk that my next relapse I won't recover from.
OMS has kept me stable I believe and George's philosophy is "do whatever it takes", hence I'm now seriously considering Copaxone.
All the best and let us know how you get along.
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Such a hard question! I take Copaxone and only really because my neuro wanted me on it shortly after my Dx. I found OMS after starting Copaxone. Three years later (after ON in the left eye), I've had no relapses, no changes in my MRI, and have a few lingering sensory symptoms. My vision mostly recovered and I still have some differences from my right eye to the left eye but I don't really notice day to day. I just turned 50 so I struggle with reading a bit! Darn it!

I can't comment on whether I would have started DMDs if I had known about OMS. My only side effect from Copaxone is some burning after injection. No big deal. I do know that I will stop taking Copaxone at some point. I would like to think that I would have been brave enough not to start a DMD. Now I need to be brave and stop! Since I have minimal side-effects, I am continuing at least until I reach three years on OMS. Coming in April!
I started drugs before I found OMS. That said, I think the first 2 years are very important and the medicine can work more quickly in those first few months. My dilemma is now when to quit Avonex - that's the only issue. Plus how awful I feel once a week. However, I also know I am doing absolutely everything I can. I would do copaxone if I had to do it all over again - the interferon has a lot of side effects.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
You may have had several appointments by now and be on a treatment plan you are comfortable with. If so...hooray on getting decisions made :).

I did have optic neuritis when first diagnosed, as well as a long list of other symptoms...some crazy painful. I have not had any major symptoms return during 4 years of following the diet, using qi-gong, and more recently adding in anti-virus foods recommended by Anthony William in his book Medical Medium. I have not used any pharmaceutical s, other than steroids right after diagnosis.

I don't know any traditional doctors or neurologists who would not recommend pharmaceuticals. Mine did...strongly....but our family had had a considerable amount of positive healing for other issues with non-traditional medical practitioners, so I chose not to follow neurologists advice. I do check in with Natural-pathic Dr to make sure my supplements are on track.

Best wishes!
It'so motivating reading your comments and experiences. For everyone who is uncertain between taking and not taking a drug I just want to remark that an olistic approach is more powerful with a drug, if the latter doesn't worsen the quality of life. For some it may seem very tacit but let's remember how much we were confused after the diagnosis.
Thank you all so much for your input! I really appreciate the advice and stories about your own experiences. After a spinal MRI, they discovered my spine was littered with lesions so in an effort to "do whatever it takes" I decided I'm going to start a DMD, at least until I stabilize on OMS. Also found a great neuro that specializes in MS so I think I'm getting on the right track. Right now my neuro and I are leaning towards starting me on Copaxone. I have an appointment in May to discuss it with her further.
First Visible Symptom: November 2016; Diagnosis: January 4, 2017; Discovered OMS: January 17, 2017.
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