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Hello OMS friends,

This is my first post on OMS and going through a number of emotions and feeling a bit lost at the moment.

I am 44 years old and my first episode of RRMS was in 2007, which was a bout of vertigo lasting for 2 weeks. In December 2016 I had my second relapse, which culminated in numbness down my right side and the back of my head followed by steroid treatment. My two episodes have been 9 years apart so far.

Last year was a tough one with the death of my Mother in April. We decided to take a trip in December to Thailand and set about taking our immunisations. Not sure what triggered the relapse, whether it was the stress of my Mother's death, the flu vaccine and/or the fact we had 4/5 immunisations in a short space of time but it took me out for a month. In the end we couldn't travel but I think that was probably for the best.

I am not on any DMDs and my neurologist is quite matter of fact about everything. He tells me stress and immunisations wouldn't have triggered a relapse, he thinks we should employ a "wait and see" approach. He is one of the leading neurologist's in the UK so hard to argue I suppose. My next appointment with him is in June together with an MRI.

I am very happy to have found the OMS website and community and have taken on the diet, exercise and meditation.

My health history is fairly chequered with a colloid cyst in my 3rd ventricle as well as being on hormone replacement therapy for teenage cancer. As you can imagine I concerned about taking drugs for the rest of my life, although not anti-drug just concerned about the long term side effects. I suppose I would like to understand if taking meds now is a good idea or if we should employ a "wait and see" approach.

Finally, we are planning to travel to Goa, India in October but slightly concerned at taking malaria meds. Goa is a low risk area for malaria. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading my ramblings and would appreciate any advice you may have.

Raks :)
Welcome to the forums, site and program.

I feel similar to your neuro, that a wait and see would be an approach I'd take on the meds front, I rattle as I walk, (due to many medicine for my litany of conditions), already, and so I'll stay off those that I can, when I can.

That said, the program has helped me drop from 11 meds a day, down to 7, as my A1C has dropped to low 5's from mid 13's, it's meant I don't rattle quite as much as I did.

Probably supplementing with more B12, got an appointment with my GP later this week.

On the India trip, I've only been to the Bombay - Calcutta train route in the early 1980's, and we traveled "1st class", so there were mosquito nets on the couchettes, but there were lots of smears all over the walls, (a sign that mosquitoes were there once).

I had an MMR, Typhoid, Hep A & B, as well as the standard, TB, Polio and Tetanus, and I'd already had Chicken pox & Shingles, so I didn't need that one. Check with your GP or neuro for their advice too.
Be well, live long and prosper!
Thank you Farrier
One thing I would be cautious of is Hepatitis B vaccine. There have been links with this and onset of MS.

Vaccines are very much a personal thing. I typically take most things that are recommended, but I know a lot of people avoid flu jabs because they think it might cause a problem with MS. I have wondered if Hep B could have been a trigger for me because I travelled for a year in Asia in the early 2000s and had all the vaccines, but, thinking about it, I had an undiagnosed episode before that trip and ran a marathon a couple of years after, so I don't think it's connected.

If you're at all worried about Malaria, I'd talk to your doctor. There's a huge variety of treatments - doxycycline is an antibiotic and protects against a whole host of things. You can get your own mosquito net from outdoors shops and get some strong DEET insect repellant (at least 50% DEET). Personally, if the risk is low, I'd just go for my own mosquito net plus DEET. If the risk is medium to high, I'd add medication because the risk of MS plus malaria seems too high for me, but at the end of the day, it's your decision.
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