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Dear OMSers! I have been with you (and MS) for over 3 years, I am on NO medication - last time I was recommended, but I said no, since I have no symptoms at all. Yesterdeay I had an MRI scan that showed 2 nerw lesions (13 mm and 14 mm) and I am sure when in April I go back to mí neuro, medication will be recommended (it was a private MRI), Would you choose medication when you have no symptoms, but new lesions? I hope you with more experience can help me with it,
Can't really help you with the Drug advise but I do have a couple of questions that I would ask myself in your situation.

Are the new leasoins active at the moment or are they old ones and when was your last MRI scan?

If your last scan was a few years ago and the new leasions are not active, they could of happened some time ago before the diet had time to take effect.

These answers may make a difference to what you decide to do about the Drugs.

Hope this helps

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