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Today i was in the waiting room about to have another MRI. I've had a bout of vertigo and my neurologist recommended having one to check for disease activity.

I came across this article:

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl ... po=13.3803

It outlines the potential dangers of galadolinium. I actually thought having a MRI was unnecessary as the vertigo had resolved and i was certain it wasn't MS related. So i walked out. Didn't go through with the MRI. I just felt like I'm doing everything possible to stay well, did i really need an injection of this?

I think from now on I'll consider MRIs in the same boat as steroids. Only if really necessary.

Has anyone else heard about the potential dangers of this chemical?
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I am confused and curious. I have had an mri but no injection. Did not know for some mri's you had injections.

Hi Valley,

Sometimes MRIs are done with an injected agent that "enhances" active lesions.

That's the chemical in question. Like a lot of things in medicine it's not with a downside and a calculation of risk and reward must be made.

I'm not well-informed on the risks but enhancing agents are not without them.

Be well,
National MS Society (US), has some good info about the concerns here:

http://www.nationalmssociety.org/Sympto ... #section-3
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I am not comfortable over-using the contrasts either. After my first 2 MRIs the Neuro recommended
them every 3 months for the first year to have comparison data. I could see no valid reason for it and choose to go by improvement in symptoms instead. If I develop a significant concern that I want the MRI information from, I would be open to one, but I avoid them generally.
Yes I read about it too. It seems that in some cases contrast is not completely "flushed out" by your body and they found remains of it in brain. Scary, I think watching your symptoms instead is much better option. Also you can always have MRI without contrast, still it will show new lesions if there are new ones.
Love, Iness
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