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How safe is a spinal tap? I feel really nervous about having one. I saw a neurologist today who would like me to have one along with another MRI. I read on WebMD about spinal taps. There's a very small chance of nerve damage. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2002 with an MRI. I haven't taken any medication so far, but have had trouble with slight dizziness that comes and goes in the last 8 months along with foot pain that has been present since 2002. I decided to see a neurologist, and she says we have to do a spinal tap to make sure that it is MS and how to treat me.
I had a spinal tap as part of my initial diagnosis. The risks are very low (it's the same procedure as an epidural for prenancy). The downside is that a lowering of the pressure in your spinal cord is very common and this causes severe headaches unless you lie down. This lasted for nearly a week with me.
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Thanks. I had forgotten that it was similar to an epidural. I've had 2 of those. That makes me feel better about it.
I also had one as part of my diagnosis. The actual procedure was uncomfortable and made me want to faint, but it was not nearly as bad as I was anticipating (can't really compare it to the epidural as I made full use of the gas and air and don't really remember the epidural :-) ). I was uncomfortable for a couple of days afterwards (a strong dull ache) but was fine with ibuprofen and paracetamol. I didn't get the headache, but found I was more comfortable lying down for a day or two afterwards. All in all, nothing like as bad as i had feared!
Hi Yvonnne. I also had one. Amusingly i had a junior doc who was very pleasant but just couldn't get the sample. I had more holes in me than a pin cushion! His senior got it on her first go.
Apart from slightly sore back as result of many holes i can't recall any issues at all.
I was astonished at how crystalline the fluid from spine was, really quite beautiful - or perhaps I'm just odd :) .
Best of luck, L
Hi All

I did not have a spinal tap. My symptoms according to my neurologist were enough to pin point ms, no need for a spinal tap. I was so unwell at the time that I was glad at missing another procedure that I was more than happy after talking to the ms nurse and hearing 'unpleasant experience' to forgo. I always thought is it that I am so bad that they are trying to break it gently? However I am now wondering is it my background that they were respectful of? So many questions that I am now coming round to respect again!

For those that are old enough, turn it up to eleven!
Be well, live long and prosper!
Hi Farrier

I will admit I do not have a clue what you are talking about!

There was a 1984 spoof movie about a rock band called, "This is Spinal Tap" and here's the 11 section.

Be well, live long and prosper!
I am familiar with the film! Christopher Guest right? Husband of Jamie Lee Curtis?sorry i know the spinal tap reference but not sure what it hasto do with us? Have lost my usual sense of humour!

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