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i have muscle spasms twitching and just general tightness in my legs which is greatly affecting my walking and was wondering if anybody out there has or does use cannabis oil or anything else to help settle it down?
I've used various hemp products to reduce spasms, but not oil in capsules.

If you're somewhere where cannabis oil is legal, then I'd apply to get a card and supply organised, if you're not, then you pay your money and take your choice!
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I would check out www.420radio.ca and see if you can get in contact with Marcel Gignac. I follow him on Facebook, he has had incredible results using full plant extracts of cannabis and the magic butter machine. I would try and connect with him as I believe he is currently running clinical trials in Canada for Cannabis Oil and MS.
If you want to try a cannabis oil for this, look for an oil that is high in CBD. I'd suggest an oil that is low in THC and high in CBD because this would be a good starting point. This type of oil made from a more dominant CBD strain would function more like a medicine, and less like a recreational drug. If you plan to take this duration the day, then look also for an oil that is higher in sativa, as compared to one higher in indica.
Whole Plant Extract is the way to go from recent studies out of Israel; the entourage effect of all types of CBD / THC and terpenes are beneficial. Isolating THC / CBD has limited efficacy.

Again, I would recommend reaching out to Marcel, I posted his name in a previous post. Marcel had a very aggressive form of MS and was basically told he was going to die; using Cannabis alone he now says he feels "MS Free". Take that for what it is worth, but he has first-hand experience and results.
Here is a great podcast that includes Marcel and his story about using Cannabis Oil and treating MS.

https://cannabishealthradio.com/blog/20 ... ngredient/
I tried CBD oil. It made me feel wonderful, but I did want to sit on the couch all day. :) It just made me feel very happy and relaxed. I don't suffer too much in the way of muscle spasms at this stage but I can see it would be a great help for those that do.

here in Australia, the brand that I was recommended (sorry, can't recall what it was) cost about $400 per bottle!
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There is a lot of misinformation about "cannabis oil". From what I have read the best results come from a mix of CBD and THC, CBD shouldn't coach lock anyone or make them high as CBD itself has 0 psychotropic properties.

Most "Oils" have a blend of CBD and THC and in concentration, any amount of THC can give you that "high" feeling if you have no tolerance.

Marcel started with super strong THC based Rick Simpson oil, most people use this for cancer. His success has come from creating a blend of THC (bud) and CBD (trim) from a strong strain of plant; he then takes that concentrate and dilutes it with hemp seed oil and adds vitamin d. He then takes this multiple times a day, essentially micro dosing and allowing the body to slowly but consistently absorb it.

My father in law, who has PPMS (35+ years) went through a traumatic experience recently with the passing his wife to cancer (she was 20 years his younger, passed very quickly). He has always smoked cannabis for his MS pain, but his wife was against it; for 10 years he cycled through almost all the DMD's and did 2 drug trials, even considered CCSVI and chemo (he did not proceed with either). During the worst parts of his wifes disease (and her passing) his ability to walk diminished (he used a cane and a brace) and his pain intensified.

I bought him a magic butter machine and started to make him "cannabis oil" from the full plant (bud and leaves, including fan leaves). He has taken this for over a year now with no other drugs and no OMS and he has gotten rid of his cane, brace, bought a motorcycle and is now traveling throughout Europe on his own.... He is convinced the full extract cannabis oil has stalled or put his MS into remission; his neuro has stated that some of his lesions are fading rapidly and has actually recommended he continue doing what he's doing so they can study him!

My purpose in all of this is not to create false hope or make any exaggerated claims; it is to provide sources of PWMS using Cannabis as a treatment option. Marcel, the gentleman in the radio link I posted, ran clinical trials of his cannabis pill / solution and is now in the patent process and working with Health Canada to get it certified as a treatment for MS.

Yes you will get high, yes you will need to get used to that (you will build a tolerance)... but name a pharmaceutical or opiate that doesn't make you high.

I personally do not have MS, my wife does as does her father and 3 other of my relatives... all of them are now using Cannabis only as a treatment option, and all of them are doing amazing. My wife is following OMS to the best of her ability (I'd say 95% of the way there), she is breastfeeding right now so no Cannabis for her... its been a rough couple months with little sleep (new born) and the stress of a toddler (she is a stay at home mom). She has been taking hemp seed oil in the intern and plans to go directly back to microdosing cannabis (just like her dad).

My wife was diagnosed with RRMS after an episode with her legs and a couple lesions on an MRI; that was 11 years ago. She has had 1 major attack that left her hand dead for a month; thats when we found OMS and started Cannabis. Her hand came back after starting OMS; all other symptoms are gone since the combination of Cannabis Oil and OMS. No DMD's, No Opiates, No Surgeries.... just an "illegal" plant and a "fad diet"... we will stick with those 2 thank you very much!!!
Thank you so much for all this information, Haymaker. Really appreciate it. Eighteen months on OMS and assorted other strategies have sorted out many of my symptoms but stiffness and muscle tension continue to be troublesome so I was coming round to the view that I should explore cannabis when I read your posts and listened to Marcel Gignac's podcast. The idea of micro dosing with whole plant extract and Omega 3 has a lot of appeal. What I currently know about cannabis can be written on a postage stamp so I have a bit of homework to do to get up to speed. But where here is a will, there is a way (legal or otherwise). Sounds as if you have worked wonders for your family. They are lucky to have you!

Thanks again. Hope you and your wife get some good sleep before too long.

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The OMS site & forum are brilliant! Thanks, everyone! :D
Hi all

Just a quick question. Does anyone know if you can get cannabis oil in the Republic of Ireland? Completely clueless!

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