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Hi Folks,

I have made the personal commitment to stop taking my DMD-Aubagio.

After taking this for approx. 4 years with consistent, steady health and pain reduction, using the OMS diets for a few months I would like to stop taking the medication identified. Initially in 1998, I was unsure of taking the DMD initially, but was advised by my Neurologist/MS adviser to take the decision and started with the weekly injection for three years, but the pain did not improve unless I was using the OMS diet previously. I did deteriorate when off the OMS commitment, now I use the Aubagio and restarted the lifestyle change-with a dramatic improvement.

Has anyone have any experience and advice having stopped the medication which will stop one month into the new year 2018??

Your help and assistance would be very much appreciated.

Kind Regards,

It can take 3 to 5 years to stabilise on OMS, you are only a few months in. Are you doing all parts of OMS? Exercise, meditation, diet, vitamin d etc.
Before stopping try to find out if the drug has a rebound profile, your neurologist might be able to help here, you may need to plan your exit.
It is great to read of your dramatic improvement since restarting the program

Edit: post corrected
Veg, you state that it can take 1 to 3 years to stabilise on OMS. My understanding was that it takes 3-5 years to stabilise: have I misunderstood?
No you could well be right, I'll have to re read and correct my post.
Hi guys thanks for your reply.
I did consider stepping off gradually from the drug, as we require to to d with many other meds. I did speak to one of my MS nurses indicating I was going to stop the treatment but she didn't mention a gradual reduction. I am on the full strict diet exercise, but have found it difficult to find suitable meditation procedure. I can use my artistic work to help me de-stress and find this works although I find it too painful stand for long periods. My work tends to be rather large for the people I support for charity work within our community, free of charge??

Kind Regards,

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