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Hi all

My Neuro would like me to come off Copaxone and move onto Gilenya or Tecfidera. His preference is Gilenya, I guess because of better efficacy. His reasons for me switching are sound, but, having spoken at length with a nurse a couple of days ago, I am feeling even less certain about which way to go!

I would appreciate hearing of other people's experiences with either of these drugs. I have been trawling this site but haven't found much first hand experience of Gilenya.

Many thanks!
Have you seen if they have been covered in the latest book?
Hi Veg

I am not sure I have the latest edition. Mine was published 2010. There is a short section discussing Fingolimod as a new and promising drug, but not much else. The conversation I had with the nurse threw up a whole host of possible side effects, so I really hoped to hear from people with first hand experience.

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