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Hi. Has any body had hsct? I am looking to go abroad for the treatment, can anyone recommend a reputable clinic? I would not qualify for this treatment on the health services as I do not fit the criteria ( only on first line of defense dmd, even though my neurologist thinks I have had ms for fifteen years)
Hi Paul,
I’m in the process of applying for HSCT.
Mars Dennis ( put name in search ) was going to have HSCT last I saw two years ago? I believe she is busy living life again.
There are numerous places in the word now doing the procedure. Most popular are..
Raffles in Singapore ( around $200 000nz
SGH in Singapore
Raffles is the best I’ve heard but it is the most expensive and you are there usually 2 and a half months.
The other two are just as successful but the risk of infection after is a bit higher also the procedure is very slightly different. They take 1 month at least.

If you belong to face book go there and type in the search bar up to HSCT and numerous places will pop up. Many on there have had the procedure.
I’ve joined the Mexico one, and the raffles one. They are super helpful

I’ve never been on a DMD and had m.s at least 15 years.
Some places require you have had tried and failed DMD before you will be considered.
However the rules seem to be relaxing a fair bit lately. Also as there are so many places around the world doing it there is more competition.
Waiting lists have shortened too.
You will need to save at least $100 000 I believe.
You are done in groups in Mexico and Russia but not in Singapore.
Before you can go they will send you tests you need to do. Also get iron levels up!
Many peoples HSCT stories are on utube as well.

Btw their may be trials going on near where you live, which means it won’t cost.
For example the was one done in Sydney Australia recently but that was only for people who lived in Sydney. ( I tried to get into that one but live in nz )

Hope this helps.
Thanks blueberry, I have applied for Moscow, I will let you know how it go's.
Paul Morrison wrote: Thanks blueberry, I have applied for Moscow, I will let you know how it go's.

Great to hear Paul.
Moscow was tempting to me because you get to go through the process in groups - therefore support each other.
I’ve heard such great things about HSCT from people who have had it done.
All the best.
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