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Hello friends

I would like to remind you of something that could help you not only in MS but also in other health problems. I've already posted here a article like Vitamin D3 + K2 helps with MS and other diseases. Do not forget, however, that proper exercise and healthy lifestyle is also important. If you decide for vitamin D3 + K2, do not forget about regular tests for vitamin D and calcium levels.
This link is three years old, and older studies have shown that the lack of vitamin D3 causes autoimmune diseases. There is plenty of evidence to stop relapse and recover lesions. Make your own conclusion. The use of vitamin D3 compared to the latest treatments in MS has almost no side effects and is 99% safe.


http://multipla-skleroza.blogspot.com/2 ... in-d3.html


Hi Peopus

I looked at research on vitamin D3 and k2 ages ago and was suitably convinced to take the two together.
When I was asked to list supplements when I had an appointment with my neurologist, one of the things I listed was I take vitamin k2 with vitamin D3.
Now here's where it to me gets completely bizarre, my neurologist looked at me like I was crazy and asked me why? When I explained he still looked at me like I was just wasting money.
He had never heard of this before.
Its my money, I can do what I like with it!
However, I always have questions for him, I am not sure he likes that.
I have always felt we as people learn from each other.


Be kind to yourselves!
Hi Valley,

I was wondering whether you had Vit k2 checked before you started supplementing?

I also note that Vit k2 is found in kale/leafy greens which are I believe huge part of OMS diet anyway. So my fear would be of a potential overdosing.

Hi S

Thank you for your very caring response, it is greatly appreciated!
Although my background is mainly in the arts, responding to others saying when I wanted to know something I was like " A dog with a bone" I undertook a degree that was very research based, and I suppose a hobby that I had always had.
I agree with you that the programme is rich in advocating leafy greens.
However, I am not always at home to cook for myself, and find you can't always rely on restaurants to give you exactly what you want without things added!
What swayed my opinion that vitamin D3 and k2 go together was this "One of vitamin d's main functions is to ensure adequate levels of calcium in your blood.
Vitamin k promotes calcium accumulation in your bones, while reducing its accumulation in soft tissues such as blood vessels."

I suppose this all just appeals to my geeky side, which is always there!

Thanks again


Be kind to yourselves!
Hi Valley

Although I'm new to the OMS community, I always find your posts useful for me.

Thanks very much!

I'm not British and haven't got idioms, so I really mean exactly what I say. (Boring)

Hi S

It's not boring at all! Rather lovely in fact.
I also say what I mean. I was touched by your reply then, and more so now!


Be kind to yourselves!
Hi Valley,

This is so nice! I thought I've offended you at first!

I like that you are so competent in what you are doing. But I believe we've no other choice having this condition.

I was curious whether you are taking any other supplements such as Coenzyme Q10 or glucosamine? I've always been a food supplement fan and very tempted to take more.

Hi S

I take as follows:

Vitamin D3
Vitamin b12
Vitamin k2
Lions Maine

I also use tiger balm daily, (I mention this because it deserves a mention).

Each of these ingredients has a place in the cake that is my body I feel!

Hope this helps!


Be kind to yourselves!
Wow, impressive cocktail! I like it.
It well represents your problems.

I'm currently taking d3, b complex, turmeric, ashwagandha and q10. Magnesium and probiotics are something I take on and off, deliberately giving myself rests.

Lions mane sounds good to me to consider in the near future.

I'm going to ask my GP to test k2 and also copper levels prior to supplementing because my diet is good. Copper has been mentioned possible culprit for ms in the literature (it isn't great body of evidence though).

What do you say about a combination of MS add-ons?
2x daily Lion's mane (500mg, double extraction
1x daily 500mg (250mg choline + 250mg Inozitol
1x daily Vitamin D3 20,000 I.E. + Vitamin K2 200 mcg
30-60min. daily training
healthy lifestyle

I'm still sending links if you're going to start with vitamin D but do not know what to take.

https://vitamindwiki.com/Overview%20Tox ... itamin%20D
https://vitamindwiki.com/Healthy+in+Sev ... +book+2014
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