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Hi Peopus

I think we know fairly quickly what agrees with us, and what is beneficial!
So if an individual feels like something is helping then it is 100 per cent helping that person.
We know our own bodies, just need to tell ourselves that!
I feel that I should have listened to my own body years ago, as I always knew deep down that it needed to be listened to! .
What you have opened up is a discussion that needed to be had..
Well done!

Be kind to yourselves!
Hi Valley
The only reason I'm here is my good friend who has MS. I have never been interested in diseases, the influence of nutritional supplements, healthy lifestyle and movement on our health. I would like to help him at least alleviate the symptoms of MS or show him the right path before he starts taking treatment that will not help him because his illness only slows down but what risks? Any intervention (chemical compounds) into the human body will never have a positive effect. Therefore, it is better to try the alternative that I have and I am convinced / otherwise I would not have / the same effects as expensive modern treatment. Also, doctors do not offer anything other than expensive treatment, and no indication that they could try a vitamin or even a mushroom extract. at MS is recommended min. the vitamin D limit ranges from 100ug /250nmol / l, but the doctor still stated that 58.8ug= 147nmol / l , is optimal for healthy people. Interestingly, people living near the equator have a level of 200-250ug and almost do not know what MS is. So, again, the tables were kept and there was no indication that this would be a significantly higher figure in terms of diagnosis. Every month the human body loses approximately 15-20% of vitamin D, so after my calculation, by Dr. Raimund von Helden is about 3 months around 30-33ug / 75-83nmol / l and will fall. Critical values ​​will be confirmed in the spring / by himself that he / she feels the worst when he / she is expected to get worse because his / her level will be too low. That's why I recommended him to take a one-time dose to increase the vitamin for min. 100ug and then a maintenance dose of 20000IU + K2. Everything is very well explained in the reference below


https://vitamindwiki.com/Healthy+in+Sev ... +book+2014
Hi Peopus

The link and links you posted are everything I read and believe!
You also, and more importantly are a great friend!
Just remember to be kind to yourself also!
On this I am speaking with personal experience, in retrospect!


Be kind to yourselves!
Hi Valley

Today, I met a friend, and for the first time, he confirmed to me that he felt good after the awakening and was full of energy. It's the week after he started taking Lion's mane and Cholin. This is good because it was confirmed that the brand (manufacturer) from which we ordered Cholin and Lion's mane have a positive effect. Of course, today I noticed that he was much better off the stairs leading to the door. This improvement is the result of his regular daily exercise on orbit. All he had was a little nausea in the morning (it was supposed to be a choline editor) to get the body accustomed. His benefits:
1x Lion's mane in the morning before the meal
1x Cholin + Inozitol for lunch
1x Lion's mane early afternoon (around 5pm)
Of course, he likes coffee and drinks 3-4 coffees (espresso)
When vitamin D3 + K2 arrives, we start using 20000 IU a day.
Hi Peopus

That all sounds fantastic and very positive!
Your friend must be feeling very positive, as must you!
I have been taking lions maine for quite a while now, and have great respect for it!

Hope your friend continues to improve!

Hello I found an earlier publication on the use of vitamin D3 at 20000 IU daily for 12 weeks. It is for those who can not decide whether or not they doubt the safety of higher doses.

https://journals.plos.org/plosone/artic ... ne.0015235
I personally have read research indicating the link between autoimmune conditions and low vitamin d levels. I've had a chronic deficiency myself in the past. Also the link between Coronavirus and low vitamin d levels. Not sure about vitamin k though, maybe it's worth to look for info here Canadian Pharmacy
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