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Hi all

Ms news this week focused on new research on cannabinoid and ms.
Worth a look!

Ahoj Valley

I've heard of Cannabinoid. I also looked at the active substances and especially the β-cariophylene. As for this substance, I would rather choose CBD Oil.

I've been following the bumf coming out of the CBD oil folks, some appear reputable, some don't.
It's better to do your own research or give a try and keep us posted
Alternative medicine are more accepted now a days due to it's promising results unlike pharmaceutical medicine, alternative medicine don't give negative effect such as kidney and liver problems when it comes to long term use. As for my alternative medicine usage, I use medical marijuana. Different strain has a variety of uses and effect depending on your needs. You may check this
https://www.gyo.green/sensi-seeds-hash- ... hsh-r.html
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