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Hi everyone,
OMS has kept me well for a long time however stress is my main reason for attacks and I made the decision to have HSCT in Moscow last month.
Doctor sure my m.s has been stopped and I am too.

I have 40 lesions in my brain and my neck is 90% blocked.
I’m RRMS but was not far off the next stage.
I have no regrets about HSCT. It was easier than I thought.
I’m having to be careful now I’m home and staying away from people while my immune system is new and vulnerable.

I am still mostly following the OMS diet and will resume it fully in a few months but right now am including a small amount of lean meat in my diet.
I will always keep my Vitamin D level high.
Best of wishes for a strong and successful rebuild.
veg wrote: Best of wishes for a strong and successful rebuild.

Thank you.
The HSCT doctors motto for recovery is..
Good food, good mood, exercise and the love of family and friends.
So I’m doing just that.
That's a great motto they gave you.
Thank you for sharing your treatment with us.
I have read Dr Burts (in Chicago) medical journal article and it was so very encouraging with fantastic results on his 10 yr treatment/study using HSCT. I think you did the procedure at the right time. Well done to you and very brave of you.
Best wishes for a smooth recovery. I think including a little lean meat should be fine and will help keep your iron levels up too at the moment.
Keep us updated from time to time, it is fascinating , would love to hear how it all goes.
Pipilongstockong :)
Thanks for sharing your story.
I hope you are going okay and staying healthy post treatment. I was just wondering what medication you may have been on prior to your treatment, I am aware of the washout periods of 3 and 6 months for this.
Wishing you all the best :)
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