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Drugs and pregnancy

PostPosted: Sun Nov 21, 2010 9:54 pm
by Sarah1
Hi there,

I am sure that this very question has been posted before, but I would appreciate all of your updated expierence and advice!!

I was diagnosed 3 years ago at the age of 22. I am relatively healthy although I have had several significant relapses since then which have all affected my walking and have hindered my ability to work. From all of these I have recovered rather well and have no noticable disability aside from fatigue.

This year has been a pretty big year, including 2 relapses and I married my partner. The long and the short of it is I have just been assessed in terms of my eligilibility for drug therapy and it appears that I will qualify (JUST). My husband and I have been having the 'children' conversation and are deciding whether to pursue the application for drug funding or have a child first - rather than going on to the drugs to then come off in the pursuit of becoming pregnant in the near future. We both figure that I am young, and therefore am as good as I am ever going to be in terms of being able to carry a child - the drugs can wait.

I am wondering if you are able to share your expierences with pregnancy and drugs....whether it was relatively 'easy' to opt in and out of the drugs in order to concieve etc - or would it be best to have a child first' before pursuing the drugs.

I know there is no real answer to this question, and in many ways conception is about as difficult as MS to control!!