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Hi there,
For those of you on LDN, how long would you say it took to feel ‘better’ and less fatigued?thanks
Within a week.
Start on a lowdose and don’t increase too quickly.
I reccomend joining* the Facebook Group LDN reseach Trust.
Hi Irene81,
I have been trying LDN on and off for six months now. I've been "stuck at" 0.2mls because it causes more stiffness the higher I go so I started at a very low dose, but I did notice at the beginning increased energy at that was the first day!
I started with 1.5 and felt a difference within a week. After a while (can’t remember how long) I increased to 3 and the tightness I felt in my legs disappeared. After a while, I decided maybe I would do OK with 1.5 or get off LDN altogether because I don’t like medications. But the symptoms came back and my naturopath suggested going to full strength of 4.5. All my symptoms dissaperead very quickly.
I am going through a flare now, but the old symptoms didn’t come back at all. All I feel is the new symptom asssociated with this flare - numbness in my left hand - but the steroid treatment is helping with that.
Talk to your naturopath about adjusting your dose. For me 4.5 works the best. Good luck, don’t give up. :)
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