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I follow the GJ diet because I have a sibling with MS (who also follows the diet). I have recently been diagnosed with RA, and my rheumy is talking about possibly commencing a biological agent to treat it. I've been looking at some papers, and understand that these agents can potentially trigger MS (or MS mimic symptoms - I'm not yet clear which). Does anyone out there have any experience / direction on this?

Many thanks

I don't know much about RA and don't know what a biologic is. I have read that the kind of diet we're on is good for RA as well, so if you're not doing it, I'd certainly give it a try if you can.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
Thanks for posting Alex. Yes, I've been on the diet for a few years now, and feel great (despite the RA). TBH, I think anyone could benefit from the diet, especially compared with a typical western diet. Anyone else out there? I don't think it's an especially common comorbidity...
Hi Karen,
I have a colleague with psoriatic arthritis who is on biologicals, and from what I understand they can have some retty nasty side effects, especially in the long run. I've been trying to convince him to give LDN a try, which I understand holds great promise for people with RA as well. You might want to google ldn + rheumatoid arthritis and see where that gets you.


A big factor in RA is vitamin B6 and yet many doctors fail to test levels of B6. Are you sure you are keeping your B6 level at the high end of the normal range. That by itself can make a big difference..
I do supplement B6 Rebecca, however I will get my levels tested, thanks. I am on a really solid regime (I am studying nutrition myself), but another thing I want to get tested is celiac (I am on a low gluten diet but not gluten-free). There are some biologics that are not contraindicated for MS, I'm currently trying to decipher the literature to make sense of it all :-)

B6 is tricky and one can easily get too much with supplements. An excess of B6 causes numbness and tingling in the extremities. Since these symptoms are similar to MS, it is difficult to distinguish between MS and a B6 overdose without a blood test.

Still, B6 at the right level can help eliminate some nasty arthritis problems.

Good luck!
Thanks Rebecca, and for your treasure trove of information on MS :)
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