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Why are we so popular?

PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 7:51 pm
by Alex
When you consider how few people actually get MS, compared to other diseases, it's just amazing, how many resources are avaiable and how many clinical trials there are and how many people are searching. I was on the clinical trials database and saw that for the US, we're between diabetes and depression - in a sense, that's very good. This shows only the number of searches - which means we're an active and vocal bunch, but if you look at the number of trials, it's huge. The professor makes this point in the book and it's nice to think about. It does also stress how much money there must be in the disease.

Keyword Number of Searches Per Month
Obesity 29,380 searches
Healthy Volunteers 23,140 searches
Infertility 18,850 searches
Cancer 17,160 searches
Diabetes 16,380 searches
Multiple Sclerosis 10,920 searches
Depression 10,790 searches
Hepatitis 7,930 searches
Stem Cells 7,800 searches
Alzheimer's Disease 6,110 searches
Stretch Marks 5,850 searches
Sleep 5,200 searches
Fibromyalgia 4,810 searches
Herpes 4,420 searches
Asthma 4,160 searches
Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) 4,160 searches
Smoking 3,640 searches