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I just watched one of the videos on this site:


Which states baking in olive oil at temperatures less than 180 degrees Fahrenheit. So by my calculations that's about 82 degrees Celsius. Is this correct? I'm not sure baking at that temperature is even possible...

Can anyone clarify?
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It`s not fahrenheit but celcius. 180 degree celcius is the smoking point of olive oil.
Its not casein either but another protein in milk, which name i have forgotten, that mimics myelin.
Just to clarify... Baking at temperatures higher than 180° C is perfectly ok. For instance, I make bread quite often which has olive oil in the dough and I bake the bread at 230° C for about 20 minutes before reducing the temperature to 190°C and finishing the bread. In virtually every case of baking, some degradation of oils (natural and added) will break down and oxidize. It is simply unavoidable. Having said this, I do try to avoid adding oils to items I am roasting (like vegetables), but I feel more than comfortable using higher temperatures in some baked items like bread, scones, etc. The temperature issue is much more relevant to items which are sautéed or fried, in which case the oils will break down much quicker in a more direct dry heat environment.

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This video has been corrected now. Thank you for pointing out the mistake.

I'm cooking some oven chips and I've put quite a bit of olive oil on them. I heard it makes them taste nicer. Will it work or will they come out soggy?

Sorry, I know hardly a thing about cooking.
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